##AREAXIII RanBat Season 2.0 Sept. RanBat-(9/19/10) Addison,Illinois##

September 19th, 2010
4N481 9th Ave.

Games this season will be as follows:

BlazBlue:CS Starting at 1pm. (PS3)

SuperStreetFighter4: Starting at 3pm.(PS3)

SuperStreetFighter4 Teams (2v2) will start following SSF4 signles.

 I will run any other tournament as a side tournament following SSF4 as well as casuals. 

Venue Fee: $10

BB:CS: $10

SSF4: $10

SSF4 teams: $5 per team member.

Casuals: $5 (Start at 6pm)

 If you bring a PS3 and it's used in the tournament then your Venue fee is only $5. This discount does not count for casuals.

I wanna come, but is this all the information available? Do I need to register?

I won’t be able to make it this month.

Hopefully I can in October, though.

And NuRadical, that’s all the info you need. You can pre-reg here, or just sign in the day of the event. Show up early.

Alright, thanks TuboWare. I think I’ll just sign in there then, I still gotta make sure my schedule is still good.

I support the move to Sunday the 19th for this tournament. Personally, I will be at the EOS tournament that Saturday.

i support the move as well…

I also support the move.

I support movement. It burns calories!

Damn, if it happens on Sunday, I won’t be able to go at all. I don’t support the move D=

It’s on Sunday now.

Hopefully the out of towners stay for one more day to attend this.

Definitely will be there, any out of towners here for the EOS tournament should also come to this one.