##AREAXIII Tournament-Addison,Il.-June 26th 2010.##

##AREAXIII Tournament-Addison,Il.-June 26th 2010.##
**##AREAXIII Tournament-Addison,Il.-June 26th 2010.## **

June 26th 2010

4N481 9th Ave.
Addison Il. 60101
(630) 666-0585 (Text only unless its the day of the event)

Venue fee is $10, $5 if you bring a PS3 or Wii and it is used in the tournament.

Games being played include…

**Street Fighter 4 (singles) $10

Street Fighter 4 Teams (2v2) $10 per team ($5 per person)

BlazBlue (singles) $5

MvC2 (singles) $5

HD-Remix (singles) $5

TvC (singles) $5**

**Times for the events are as follows:

Doors open at 11am

12- 2pm. TvC and BB

2:30pm - 4:30pm MvC2 and HDR

5pm - 7pm SF4

7pm - completed SF4 2v2 teams

8pm - Open for casuals. (Casuals are FREE if you were in the tournment, $5 entry fee if you were not.)**

IF you have never regiestered for an AREAXIII event before please send me this information before the day of the event. IF you have then please show up at least 30min. before your event to check in so all events can start on time.

PM me with: (Please leave comments on the thread as well)
First Name
Town you live in.
Game or Games you will be competing in.

If you are bringing a PS3 or Wii please let me know. We have more than enough TVs but we need people to bring systems and copies of games. $5 off venu fee if you bring a system and it’s used for the tournment.

Please show up one hour before your event start to check in and pay. No event will be deleyed due to your tardyness.
The event that is currently in progress has priorty over people playing casuals.

PM me with any Questions.

I like 3v3 instead of 2v2, perhaps you should poll it.

Just proposing something out of the blue for more light-hearted fun.

SSFIV Random Select Tournament. $2 entry, must always pick random.

Laughing and fun is allowed. Salt and pouty faces are left at the door.

Is this tournament really gonna happen this time?

Sidebets on how many of these games will actually get people to show up?

These Tournaments have never been canceled so I’m not shure what your getting at in this message, Individule games have but never the whole turnament. This place went from playing every game known to man to a very SSF4 centric crowd. We still get between 30-50 players a month just for SSF4 but the older of less popular games have seen less and less of a turnout in the last few months, to the point that I don’t regularly hold MMBA or T6 anymore.