Aremsi's Third Strike Avatars

I just downloaded Photoshop, and at first things were really confusing,
but I just started working with the standard tools. Hopefully in the future
i’ll learn a lot more, let me know what you think… PM if you want any of them.

All characters are in alphabetical order:

I’m not going to knock on you giving PS a try or going at it, but try making one avatar where I can’t name the filter you used, or try fucking around with tutorials online.

Filters are fine mind you, no harm in them, but keep working with shit until you get your own little style going.


my bukake elena makes better use of that sprite. did anybody save that when i did my 3S series?

yeah, that too.

Well, after MS Paint for 10 years I finally decided to step up! I guess a tutorial would be a good idea, huh? Anyways, I figured it would be better to start trying all the stuff it comes with first, I had no idea what I was doing, lol. I really would love getting into .gif creating, but I should take baby steps.

well, here’s one of mine… they all had this similar theme… this is my favorite of the bunch though.

All I have to say is keep it simple.

Works way better then stuffing too much shit into it.

better than anything i could come up with. but then again, i’m not that good with photoshop.

Hey can I have the Makoto one?