Arethere a fighting games with TWO players on one team?

I am not talking about side scrollers and beat them ups.
I am talking about Marvel v Capcom style, head to head fighting games.

Except in MvC, the only times you get 2 characters to use at once is during supers.
Are there any games that has two playable characters on the screen at the same time, on a permanate basis? Like a 2 on 2 fight, or even 3 or 3? And for the boss round, 2 gang up on the boss?
It would be hard for one person to control the 2 characters, so maybe it would be a 2-4 player thing, where 2 players on the same side control each their own characters?

Smash, Jump Ultimate Stars (and similar games), Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Akatsuki Blitzkampf immediately come to mind.

Guilty Gear Isuka.

Naruto Clash of Ninja Series(or whatever the japanese name is) except the first

Akatsuki Blitzkampf tag battle mode
Melty Blood team battle mode

IK+ although it’s a free for all.

Dramatic battles in the Alpha games.

The Smash series.

Smash Melee has the 2v2 that’s somewhat “exciting” (actually, fts, I’d rather play XMvsSF)

Most all standard h2h fighters blow ass when done 2v2.

There is a serious lack of GOOD 4 player 2v2 team games. I hope we see some new ones in the upcoming year or so.

Powerstone 2, that’s whats up.

Fatal Fury 1

Can’t believe you guys slept on Kizuna Encounter.

Should have been the first answer to this thread.

Power Stone, yo.

The Bleach DS games.

Guilty Gear Isuka, I guess.

I have a 2player 3v3 game called Troika where none of the characters have to ever tag out.
The reason there is a serious lack of these games is that its too hard to play like that.
6 characters on the screen = mayhem

You can play both at the same time?

The normal version let one have two teammates you could switch out (as long as you were in the designated “area”) and do other stuff like tag team attacks. The moniker spoke for itself; “Super Tag Battle”.

And there was a four player version released as well:

Works just like Online four player MvC.

Edit: Actually, I see what you mean; yeah the game doesn’t allow you to have two players playing at once, but the two players’ characters are technically on the screen simultaneously.

Urban Reign for PS2.

Get sexy kids!

Guardian Heroes for the Saturn had a 6 player fight mode that allowed the use of any character in the game.

wrasslin’ games.


Saturday Night Slam Masters

this was made by capcom. haggar from final fight is in it.