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** SouthWest Online League **
SSF4 - Xbox 360


I’m going to be expecting my son to be born in the next month, so I won’t have time to update this for awhile. Going to put a hold on the League for awhile until I can find time to get it back up again. Sorry guys, but I’m going to be very busy! I’ll make an announcement when I get things going again. Also, by the time this gets back up, I should have a new and improved system worked out. You can still visit the rankings from Season 1! Thanks guys.

[FONT=inherit]Season 1[/FONT]
****[FONT=inherit]Current Rankings (7/7/2011) ****[/FONT]
Dark Hadou Division Rankings

Grand Champion
The Rage VII (TX)
-#1 Rank-
w00tsick (TN)
-#2 Rank-
Carbocation SRK (TX)
-#3 Rank-
Flash House (TX)
-#4 Rank -
SolidxPanda (AR)
-#5 Rank-
Bluesman461 (OK)
-#6 Rank-
jchantra (TX)
-#7 Rank-
Triox403 (LA)
-#8 Rank-
Citays (LA)
-#9 Rank-
SmokeMaxX (AR)
-#10 Rank-
Inspector Arch (TX)
-#11 Rank-
little death509 (OK)
Shadaloo Division Rankings

[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]Grand Champion[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#1 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
MikeEastSide (TN)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#2 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
Squabbler (TN)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#3 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
zohta (OK)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#4 Rank -[/FONT][/COLOR]
bagels o (TX)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#5 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
DuKamok SRK (TX)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#6 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
darkkookie (AR)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#7 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#8 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
Swollen cu (LA)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#9 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
ShoryukenFADC (TN)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#10 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
brootalbusby (TX)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#11 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
phythiasyoung (TX)
Interpol Division Rankings

[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]Grand Champion[/FONT][/COLOR]
sawdawg08 (TX)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#1 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
The Crazykat (TX)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#2 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
Flyp17 (OK)
[COLOR=#444444][FONT=Georgia]-#3 Rank-[/FONT][/COLOR]
AK47 Legend (TN)


The Arkansas Fighting Game Network has come together to bring you the first Southwest SSF4 Arcade Edition Online League for Xbox 360! We hope to build the local community in the Southwest with this league and most importantly want everyone to have fun!

This league was designed as a ranking system for all participating players in the Southwest region of the United States. Players will have an entire week to play their opponent that you can find under ”Matchmaking”. This gives everyone enough time to arrange a convenient time between their busy schedules to play.
The league will be ran on the ARFGN website under the tab ‘‘league’’. There you can find matchmaking, rankings, rules and match videos.

If you are interested in joining the league, registrations can be found here…


Everything else about the league can be found by clicking these links…

Rules and Regulations

Match Videos
Division Championships
**It’s your time to shine! Show the Southwest what you are made of and represent your area! **
Good luck and have fun guys!

**Gamertag - **Clutch City 95
**City - **Houston
**State - **Texas
**Characters - Yun, Cammy, Rufus, Bison

Sanctioned by the ARFGN. Anyway, it sucks that neighboring states like Tennessee can’t join an online league sponsored by the ARFGN. Memphis is ~2 hours away from Little Rock…

ehh, maybe we can make exceptions for certain states.

Since this is run by us, I’d go every state in the SW plus every state touching Arkansas. Wireless connections are pretty much banned but we can’t really prove that anyone is using one…

Dont tell em that!

**Gamertag - **Flash House
**City - **San Antonio
**State - **Texas
**Characters - **Blanka, Honda

I’m disappointed in you sir.

dont worry max its only my character for when i feel like trollin

Why not…

**Gamertag - **w00tsick
City - Memphis
**State - **TN
**Characters - Bison (Main), Yun (alt)

N little rock
Ken, Juri

**Gamertag - **Dvusyqyb
**City - **ABQ
**State - **NM
Characters - Dan, Dee Jay

Repping Albuquerque in this thing.**

Gamertag - Bluesman461
City - Edmond
State - OK
Characters - Rufus, Abel, Yun, Guile, Sagat, Cody

Didn’t know you joined the Dark Side W00t.

NM is reppin’ it eh? Nice!

Rules/matchmaking and ranking will be updated tonight! I’m currently writing them!

Let me know when you get them done and I’ll post them on the website.

Yeah, I thought about it and was like, why not win instead?

**Gamertag - **Triox403
**City - **Monroe
**State - **Louisiana
**Characters - **Juri, Abel

Gamertag - Carbocation SRK
City - Austin
State - TX
Characters - Cody

Gamertag -The Rage VII
City - El Paso
State - TX
Characters - Ryu, Evil Ryu, Akuma