Arizona CvS2 Golfland Tourney Results (1 March)


1st - Geoff A. (Lukesballs)
C-Groove Bison, Geese, Vega, Sakura

2nd - Nick O. (SF Punker)
C-Groove Blanka, Ken, Benimaru, Sagat

3rd - Dan L. (Danimitsu)
A-Groove Akuma, Bison, Sagat, Rolento

12 people showed up total.

Thanks to the tough guys at Golfland for throwing a CvS2 tourney 2 years after the game came out…


Good shit, Geoff!


may i ask who is your best cvs2 player in your region, and how many of you guys are going to texas showdown?


Yeah (lukeballs) come down to Texas Showdown so we can play
1 vs 1 in CvS2 I would like to play you in person instead.

Its going to be in Houston.


Well, honestly BigGus, I don’t really “play” CvS2 in the arcade. Roll-cancels ruined the game for me. The only reason I play on XBox live is cause RCs were removed. I don’t think I am travelling for tournies anymore (cause I’m getting too old) but if you are ever in the area or if I’m in your area I’ll let you know and we can play some games. You know Jumpsuit? He knows me. =)


lukesballs geese ownz me on xboxlive… :frowning:


Roll cancelling Iori owns. hahahaha! Too bad I don’t have xbox live yet. Oh wait, can’t roll cancel on that shit.:slight_smile: