Arizona,Mujicon 2 is upcoming! Check the first page for info/links


So, i like the facebook thread, wanted to make this so those who check here first know about the thread, so I’ll link it first.

Use this thread for general info/updates but I think the facebook thread is better, as things can be deleted as needed.

Lets keep this clean guys, save any beef/drama for text messages, this is a resource, not a form of entertainment.

AZ Thread Located in Pacific South
Anyone out in the big AZ?
Phoenix az scene?

This space will be used for links to any tournaments/events held in AZ


Muji-Con results and afterthoughts:


Lets help them go out with a bang! all the info you need is in the links below as well as the trailer, lets make this BIG and HYPE!



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Dang I was hoping the new AZ thread would actually be in Southwest finally, oddly enough I finally deleted my SRK bookmark today only to find that today was the day of it’s revival.


damn, when Scott said he didn’t care if someone made a new threat, I should have taken the chance to do it myself! :smiley:

anyway, glad we have a thread again.




My housing for EVO fell through, if anybody has room in their room please let me know!


Reserved for future events :wink:


'ello 'ello

I just hit B+ with Dictator in PC AE. Anyone here play PC? Add me: SurfKahuna.


Don’t forget guys. KOF BB tournament this Saturday


Hey guys! Fix and Play will be hosting a tournament on Sat June 30th 2012 for UMvC3 and AE so we can get that last minute tournament run before Evo! We will be streaming the event and providing the set ups for the tournament. If there is enough interest we will put SFxT up (if the interest is there)
]Saturday, June 30, 2012
Fix & Play Video Games #12 4819 N 83rd ave #107 Phoenix, AZ. 85037
This is a great chance for everyone to come out and get tournament practice right before Evo!

Fix & Play is kind enough to let us use their store and the stream will be provided by us. The venue is large and not too far from the 101 or the 10. There’s plenty of parking, food & beverage places in the area and easily in walking distance.

Fix & Play is on 83rd ave and Camelback south east corner right next to Safeway.

Tournament info:

UMvC3 & AE2012 (SFxT, KoF if enough interest is there)
$5 entry for each game
No venue fee
Pot will be split 70/20/10 for each game

UMvC3 is 3/5 double elimination
AE2012 is 2/3 double elimination

ALL PS3 to better prepare for Evo. If you guys want to help with setups (consoles with DLC characters/games/ Asus monitors) that would be greatly appreciated.


Hope to see you guys come out!


Dude, that place is literally just up the road from where I live! I am completely down for it.


Evo is beginning of July if you didn’t know.
Also the pictures are from 2011, not sure it matters.


Fixed… June 30, 2012. Date on the camera is a year behind.


also the payout is wrong. is it 70/20/10 or 60/30/10. You have 70/30/10. Now if you could get KOF 13 for this then i may have interest in it


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