Arizona PLAYERS! For SF4


On Intersection 37th ave and Thunderbird 85029 Phoenix Arizona there will be street fighter 4 tournament every Tuesday at 6:00pm. I will be there every Tuesday so If you are good ,I look forward to are match. heh
The name of the location is Hero Comics and it is on the south east side of the strip mall (Its Small) but you should see the Hero Comics Logo

Looking for a good time? Please Come. Fee is five dollars with store credit as prize:wgrin:

Street Fighter Enthusiast


You might want to create an individual posting for each tournament that you have each week. Given the way the forum works, this post will get buried and you won’t have that much visibility week-to-week.


I’m not sure how long these tournaments have been going on, but if so, what’s the usual turnout on these tournaments?

I went ahead and posted a link to this topic in the AZ Thread here:

It may help to advertise in that topic, too. Nothing’s better than talking directly to the folks who you want to come out for your tournament.


Hey cool! I’m here for the holidays and would love to play some SFIV. This is closer to Anthem too. Yeah, with Tsumuji’s question, how big are these events usually? Either way, I’ll see if I can make it down.

Nothing is on the website either for advertisement, so I’m guessing these are new?

Also, tourney starts at 6, or is that when registration starts?


is this still going on?