Arizona Ranbat 1.2 Results

40 Entrants

Current Standings
Sabr3 - 13
Danimitsu - 13
Mr. SNK - 8
Juicebox Abel - 2
Dorion - 2

1 Danimitsu (Seth, C. Viper, and some other people)
2 sabr3 (Sakura)
3 Mr. SNK (E. Honda)
4 Dorion (Zangief)
5 Juicebox Abel (Abel/Ryu)
5 Rich (Boxer/Sagat)
7 Sugar Shane (Dhalsim/Boxer)
7 Hydra632 (Boxer)
9 Munchi (Boxer)
9 djfaka (Abel/Zangief)
9 RickDawg (Blanka)
9 SurfKahuna (Boxer)
13 Demus (Dictator)
13 justingroton (Sagat/Rufus)
13 shaft (Ken)
13 Cham (Blanka)
17 Alonso (Abel)
17 Chickenb00 (Zangief)
17 Kite (Vega)
17 jedirobb (Dan/Zangief/Blanka)
17 eat paste (Blanka)
17 Asylum (Boxer)
17 Graham (Boxer)
17 Saiky0 (Abel)
25 Yoshi
25 Mike D (Ryu)
25 Matt (C. Viper)
25 JeremyH (Boxer/Dan)
25 ChunnieBunnie (Chun-Li)
25 RobertEleet (Ryu)
25 T-Dot (Ken)
25 Kwasia (Vega/Boxer)
33 Nick I
33 Reese (Gen)
33 Carlos (Dan/El Fuerte)
33 Kenline (Guile)
33 Gerlin (Boxer)
33 Jeovani (Sagat)
33 darkninjagurrl (Sakura)
33 nek28 (Ken)

Such a great turnout, I can’t wait for the videos.
I don’t play boxer, Justin.:looney:

munchi got top 10. good work and justin also with sagat top 15 nicely done… see you in so cal soon

good shit munchi, thats my bro. keep it up

Should add Ryu next to Juicebox, and I don’t think Jeremy played Abel. He did play Dan though! Dan v. Dan was the hotness

Congrats homies! Way to keep up the E. Honda support Mr.SNK!

Videos? I wanna see that Honda doin’ his thang. :rock:

We have videos posted on the blog, link is in my signature.

also remind me to not do the character listings when I am super tired haha I got so many wrong.

Working on it man! It’s getting really hard to keep coming up with new Honda antics to hood-wink people with. But don’t worry… :rofl: I got em!


all small caps
all one word



I didn’t do the names, blame ekim for that!!

justin can you make a 3on3 ranbat soon?