Arizona Ranbat 1.3 Results

1 Danimitsu (Sagat)
2 Sabre (Sakura)
3 Mr SNK (E. Honda)
4 Tootall (Dictator)
5 CigarBob (Zangief)
5 SurfKahuna (Boxer)
7 Mango91 (Chun-Li)
7 Chickenb00 (Zangief)
9 Juicebox Abel (Abel)
9 Hydra (Boxer)
9 Dorion (Zangief)
9 Miguel (Guile/El Fuerte)
13 justingroton (Sagat)
13 Peter (M. Bison)
13 Sugah Shane (E. Honda)
13 djfaka (Abel/Rufus)
17 T-Dot (Ken)
17 Peter Talley (Sagat)
17 Munchi (Boxer)
17 Brandon (Sagat)
17 darkninjagurrl (Sakura)
17 Jeovani (Sagat)
17 RickDawg (Blanka)
17 Gerlin (Boxer)
25 Alonso (Abel)
25 Corey (Sagat)
25 ekim (Ryu)
25 Yusuf (Abel)
25 Graham (Boxer/Chun-Li)

Oh man…I hate life…I missed the return of CigarBob. GO BOB!!!

Congrats on another great turnout, Justin! Looks like the Mother’s Day casualties didn’t hurt the numbers too much.

Congrats to Danny boy and Scott as usual…and Mr. SNK for his consistent placings at 3rd. You’ll get em’ next time, Honda!

damn nice turn out.I need to swing by one of these days

Thanks man, I keep pushing to get better and those two are still topping the charts.

Good shit Scoots! Repping that nasty Sakura all by your lonesome in AZ. And the return of the mighty Cigarbob! Nice!!

Good shit, MrSnk. Mad props to 'dat Honda.

yo, whats the prize for these? Like what’s the entry fee? Are these weekly we might make a drive down there.

5 dollar entry, I take a dollar out of each entry for the person with the most points overall, so that there is something shoot for!

they’re done every 2 weeks, and we actually only have 2 more left (5/24 and 6/7)

there is a 2 v 2 teams tournament on May 31st that you Vegas guys are more than welcome to come to, and I am working on a 3 v 3 in the end of June.