Arizona/Socal Blackout

Surprised that no one posted a thread about this yet.

How you guys doing?

Oh and shoutouts to school being cancelled for the day. :lovin:

Tucson here…
everything going according to plan

nah that sucks though… I ight…
Southern part is okay i think

sos did some1 spill coffee on the circut board?

Could zombies start?

Just got my power back in San Clemente at 2:11 am

It was a nice change for a bit. It’s like camping except you sleep in your own house. Everyone in my neighbor was walking their dogs and just talking to each other.

Reminds you what life was like before the technology boom, doesn’t it?

I wasn’t hit by the power outage this time (I live just a little ways north of where the outage hit), but back when I was in college, my apartment and the neighboring area got hit with an outage for like four hours. It was the first time my roommates and I ever met, or spoke with, any of our neighbors. We’d been living there for almost a year and a half :rofl:

yay for unrestrained capitalism and starving government until you can drown it in a bathtub!

i have lived in san bernardino for almost 5 years and havent spoke to my neighbors