Arizona Something tourney at the mall! =]


uhh i just got home im just gona put what i remember which is never much


1st Too tall - Necro
2nd Peter “Suhtigerjk” Suh - Ken
3rd dont remember “sorry”


1st Rob to the erth “heat” - dont member

1st Soo “Soomighty” forget his last name - msp/ sent/storm teams

2nd Matt " The matt daddy" Alot of stuff

Team MvC2

1st Jamanis/Carlos

1st me “ruin-” Peep the avatar
2nd David “Deuce” Tu? - Faust
3rd peter from vegas

uhh yea i think thats it i dont know what im doing but im going to bed gnite


ruin = too good…



congrats to Deuce (team kas represent), ruin-(cholo wins), jamaal and soo.


Congrats to :
TMD and Peter(who i never got back to on aim) and Ruin!


sup def. tell feind i say whaddup, and hope to play against him soon…



Good shit ruin




Good shit Eddie… I mean Ruin. Fucking mexicans stealing everything from tourneys to shoes and oranges. Hahaha buena mano. Sigue ganando esos torneos que quiero mi rematch.



ruin =chobo owns…

soo = magneto himself.

tmd = this media desktop sucks



good game out peace


anyone know if japan3gro is alive?


potter = pizzle over this tizzle e’ rizzle

japanegro’s mom has passed away. so he hasnt beenplaying much, plus he has to move to his uncle’s house or something…



TmD = Ice ice baby!

Our drugged out Magnetos rock the world :stuck_out_tongue:



haha, thanx dog. we have to play again soon. we can play msp vs msp all day…:lol:



sup def, i’ll make sure to IM u once i see u on aim (you’re barely on man!)


Acid Rayn is my hero! :eek:


Mine too:D