ARK Survival of the Fittest + ARK Survival Evolved on PC, PS4, Xbox One monthly cash prize tourneys


Alright! The time has come to be excited and inspired!! ^.^

The very first Multiplayer Online Survival Arena ever created is coming to consoles!! My tribe is going to kick so much ass!! Though they really should update the models, well at least have good face presets to choose from, add a lot of good long hairstyles, I mean really, Fashion ARK should be a thing. If even DSIII it’s possible to make good faces and have some decent hairstyles, so can ARK, I think it has face sliders. I don’t care if they make more hairstyles and as better face options as DLC, it would make things much better (and before people bring up the 1st person only matches argument, you can see yourself on the holographic inventory/status screen thingy, and other players can see you, so looks and aesthetics still count.

And before people bring up “Ah, I prefer Survival Evolved”, be aware that Survival of the Fittest has better survival elements and a better model for survival than SE, which boils down to people complaining about base building flooding the map, and respawns reducing the incentives to survive,
and the world just being stagnant in SE, BECAUSE there’s no immediate persistent purpose that keeps players engaged with the FULL intensity of survival every second, like they are SOTF.

SOTF has all the intensity and cooperative incentives of survival, thanks to no respawns, and a more intense objective to be the last tribe/survivor standing. SOTF has all the survival elements intact, so contrary to its arena title, it’s not your typical arena shooter.

While PVE fans like myself don’t often get hyped for PVP, the PVP side of ARK is actually what optimizes the entire survival experience much better than the normal sandbox that has no winners. So in SOTF case, I actually find it to be more valuable than the SE version in multiple standpoints.

I’m surprised they announced SOTF for July 2016, that’s much much more awesome than the rumored 2017 launch. Yes it’s early access but considering fans already pumped 100s of hours in older builds, there’s already a very playable masterpiece there. :slight_smile:

The Xbox One fans are loving ARK so much, it’s within the top 5 most popular X1 games and more popular than even the PC version

Haven’t read what SOTF in July means for Survival Evolved on PS4. Maybe that’s still coming in June.

though even if SOTF comes first, in my opinion we are getting the better of the two games. 200% better.


This one just might actually **REDEFINE **the genre as we know it…

Your one chance to say it and have it actually be true and you fucking blew it…