Arkansas High School Wont Let African-American Student Be Valedictorian


I didn’t know things were this bad in other parts of the country…




Another story of crackers being salty, what’s new? :coffee:


There are a lot of politics in schools well before HS. Not shocked…

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I can’t believe shit like this could still happen in this country in the year 2011 no less, wtf.


Lulz at people being surprised at there being racists in the south still.


Why? Did ppl magically become better human beings after New Years or something. Let me guess, your resolution was to be shocked and amazed by everything?


In the running to be my next signature…

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That fact that it is a public school is what shocked me, I know racism isn’t going away anytime soon if at all.


This is insanity.


Unsurprising or not, that is some Kaioken x4 level of racism.


We won’t stand for losing this game?

Why you ask?

Because we don’t just look bad for losing, we look bad for losing a game we rigged!



Everyone knows that black people only go to private schools in movies starring Sean Connery and Rob Brown.


I wonder how the “new valedictorians” feel about accepting something that isn’t rightfully theirs??? I would expect them to take the high ground and roll cancel that shit cuz they don’t deserve it.

Shame on Arkansas for this stupidity.


I understand what Kyo84 is saying. A public school having its not up its ass is kinda weird. If this were a private HS like Country Day or Cranbrook (733T MI HSchools), then it would kinda make sense in a way.


LMAO@her name. “Kymberly Wimberly.” Are you kidding me?


goddamnit fuck the south. why the fuck didn’t we let those racist hillbilly rednecks secede from the union? let them have their jesus land, i want nothing to do with it. disgusting.


Lol that didn’t even answer the question on the most basic level. All you expressed to me is how much of a cosigning puddle of pussy you are.

If it was a private school it wouldn’t even be known imo.

This was really all the reason they needed to not give her the title.


You best not be hating on Finding Forrester; that movie is godlike.

As for the rest of the thread.:coffee:


Amelia Bedelia will not stand for this!


Fuck you. EOM.