Arma 2 Mod: Zombie Edition aka DayZ


I searched around and havent been able to find a thread on this mod that has been blowing up over the last couple months.

Please delete if this is a duplicate.




Ive watched a couple videos of this and it looks really fun if you have a group of people to play with. Several people I know have been playing it so I may eventually have to get the Arma game(s).


updated orginal post with a pretty cool vid of a clan running it. It seems as though it’s getting harder and harder to really gain much use out of soloing unless you enjoy the I am legend, kill on site style of play. It would be cool if there was an SRK clan for this.


Anyone playing this currently? It’s fantastic if you have a working brain and don’t require instant kill gratification with added explosions for entertainment effect.

If anyone wants to start a group, PM me.

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I watch Devil Dog play this shit on youtube, That nigga has a fucking head on his shoulders even though I don’t agree with his ethics.


I highly recommend anyone to play this if your computer can handle it. Chances are you never experienced survivor horror gameplay like this.

Now that blood bags can’t be self-administered, it doesn’t seem worth it to solo very much. You can hunt and cook meat, but you’d have to find all the items that are necessary (finding matches has been a pain for me). Also, way too many people play in groups of 2-4 players, so you’ll get smoked if you try to solo hunt for military grade weapons often.


I can’t play on my shitty computer, but watching this game blow up is kind of cool.

[URL=‘’]And this guy is awesome


I want this guy’s gear: