Armageddon at the Alley 2 08/28/10 - Results

I believe Robbie left his copy of T6 behind, so I can hold on to it and give it back to you whenever.

Anyways, results!

Super Street Fighter 4: 18 entrants bracket
1st - Blake “vivaldi” (Rufus)
2nd - Robbie "UGotRobbed"
3rd - Donnie "Iceman"
4th - Chau

BlazBlue CS: 16 entrants bracket
1st - Michael “VR-Raiden” (Ragna)
2nd - Everett “Arcas V” (Bang)
3rd - Donnie “Iceman” (Arakune)
4th - DnD (Lambda)

Tekken 6: 5 player round-robin tournament, 5 matches each between everyone
1st - TIE between Chau and T.A. with 15 - 5 records

Vampire Savior: 13 entrants bracket
1st - Corey “VA_King” (Sasquatch)
2nd - Justin “GhibliCat” (Bishamon/Felicia)
3rd - Donnie “Iceman” (Zabel)
4th - Everett “Arcas V” (Bulleta/Q-Bee)

Guilty Gear AC: 4 vs 4 team tournament
Team Obama, Biden, Sotomayor & Secretary
Everett, Corey, Justin, Michael


Team Baby Skulls
Tyler Rash, Morrison (Zelda), DnD, Donnie

FREE Samurai Kirby tournament: 20 entrants
Champion - Gary B
Runner-up - Caitlin

I honestly want to apologize to everyone for not doing a better job running things yesterday. I was really feeling out of it, kinda a combination of being overwhelmed with a lot of things going on and not being well-rested. David, you were right to be concerned about me stressing; there were a lot of things nagging me like not having all the 360 set-ups right next to each other and the PS2 & PS3 setups together, but I was just trying to reassure myself that it wasn’t a big deal and I was just being anal. Anyway, I thought I could’ve organized it better and maybe have gotten a couple more tournaments run.

I’m really glad that Vampire Savior was run this time, we didn’t get to do it last time and it was really fun. However, it did slow things down in that there was only one set-up. Also, Tekken was a bit different this time with the round-robin format. Maybe 5 matches between everyone was overkill, but I wanted to give the players more playing time. There was an issue with a slight feeling of lag on one of the monitors and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t resolve that for you T.A.

TL;DR - Enough with my negativity, it was really cool to see some new faces show up, and I was especially happy to have some folks from out of town show up as well. Thanks everyone for making it, congratulations to the winners and I hope you all enjoyed it.

Awesome tournament, had a great time. Great to see everyone again, and some new players that showed up. Impressive BB showing too. Looking forward to the next one! :tup:

btw I am missing my PS3 SF4 TE stick, it has a piece of clear tape on the top next to the select/start buttons, and the stick is extremely loose. If anyone took it home by accident please let me know.

Awesome tourney guys. Lots of fun. Stoked there were so many people for BB, and VS. The GG tournament was too hype.


One man hype show.

Thanks to Justin and Jason for organizing this.

Was hoping for a little bit more hype/competition in SF4, but oh well, can’t force people to play a game they don’t like.

Good shit Michael in bbcs Finals. And Good Job VP Biden in GG.
Thanks to everyone who made it out and provided set ups. It was good seeing the Roanoke and RVA crew. Arcsys is so hype.

It was my first tournament and I had a pretty good time. Congrats to the winners.

Apparently I need to learn Blazblue cause it seems to be pretty big around here.

Shout outs for all…

Justin: you are too hard on yourself. The tournament ran great. I wouldn’t sweat cutting hd remix and 3s. That is to be expected after all the blaz hype.

Micheal, Everett: thank you for the show. Both bbcs sets were a blast. Made me hype to play more.

Ryan, Robbie, Tyler: good to se you all. Fun times strategizing in the lounge. See you 3 on XML. And fuck Honda!

Corey, Justin: also, thank you for the sas mirror. Rachel started doing the cute little snowman dance and it made my afternoon!

Blake: uhh, sf4 had the most entrants, so more comp wasn’t the problem. More hype? I will get to that in a bit. Strong Rufus. You and Robbie both demonstrate the power of picking a main and going with it vs. playing 6 characters but mastering none. Funny that sf is the one series I struggle to pick a main in :razzy:

Chau, TA: good stuff in tekken. I was so close haha. I need to hit the lab some more.

Steven: you never read this, but I am glad you made it. I haven’t seen enough of the Bristol tekken scene lately.

Ani: nice to meet you, hope you come to more casual nights.

Jason, David: way to dominate that beer. Make me proud.

David and Caitlin: nice to meet you guys. Hope to see you around more of our events. We’ll get some hd remix in.

Corey and rva: come back and see us, good stuff.

Brenan: tager is improving. Stay with it.

Shane: talk more :razzy: I saw very little of you.

Dnd, Morrison, rash: glad you made it. Come see us more.

Gary: good to see you again. Had a blast. Fuck litchi :lol:

I had a great time. Again, Justin and Jason ran a good show. I have one and only one suggestion. We should have had a “marquee” set-up to put big matches on. Like the tekken finals, the vampire finals, the important ssf4 and bbcs matches, etc. That large CRT toward the back of the room would have been great for this. Might have helped create more ssf4 hype as well as vampire hype…for people who didn’t have a pretty girl doing the snowman dance :tup:

Thanks for once again running a great event guys :tup: It was awesome seeing everyone again, and good games to those I got to play.

It was great meeting you David and Caitlin. Thanks for all the HDR casuals, looking forward to more next time. Caitlin, keep working on Chun, you’re getting the hang of it :tup:

Thank you for the invite! My friends and I had a blast. Thank you, Donnie and Everett, for the Blazblue and Guilty Gear matches. It helped show me my shortcomings.

A little late, but I also had a bunch of fun. :slight_smile: