ARMAGEDDON at the Alley 2/27/10 Results

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike ~ 8 entrants

  1. Eric Kim
  2. Bryan “Face”
  3. Everett “Arcas V”
  4. Justin “GhibliCat”

Full Bracket

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix ~ 10 entrants

  1. Eric Kim
  2. Donnie “Iceman”
  3. Everett “Arcas V”
  4. Robbie

Full Bracket

Tekken 6 ~ 7 entrants

  1. T.A.
  2. Ryan Hamilton
  3. Donnie “Iceman”
  4. William

Full Bracket

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom ~ 8 entrants

  1. Michael “VR-Raiden”
  2. Corey “VA_King”
  3. William
  4. Channing

Full Bracket

Street Fighter 4 ~ 16 entrants

  1. Eric Kim
  2. Donnie “Iceman”
  3. Robbie
  4. Blake “vivaldi”
  5. Ryan Hamilton
  6. Everett “Arcas V”

Full Bracket

Street Fighter 4 Random 5v5 Teams
Team 1 ~ Corey "VA_King, Michael “VR-Raiden”, Blake “vivaldi”, Robbie, Donnie "Iceman"
Team 2 ~ Justin “Ghiblicat”, Everett “Arcas V”, Channing, Ryan Blevins, Ryan Hamilton

Team 1 wins 2-0, Donnie pulls out auto-correct ultra garbage and Robbie cleans up the 2nd set with the wall that is Honda.

I appreciate everyone who came from out of town, most notably Eric Kim (big surprise :pray:), T.A. and Bryan “Face”. Thanks to all the locals who showed up and met for the first time, hope we can see you again at our weekly gatherings.

My apologies for not being able to run individual teams for SF4 and not being able to run the Vampire Savior tournament :bluu:. People were feeling pretty worn out by the time we finished SF4 singles, no surprise.

Next time, I’ll try to run Tekken and SF4 earlier; I felt everything went smoothly but the lack of setups kinda hurt the ability to run simultaneous tournaments along with the fact that a lot of the same players were participating in each game. I probably should’ve asked for more setups to be brought but it was alright with the turnout we had. Thanks again guys.

First off, thanks Justin for helping make sure everything went as well as it did. Michael, Shane, Robbie, Donnie, Everett, good shit from you guys too, and anyone else who might have brought a setup for us. Anyone who let people use their sticks and controllers, thanks for that as well. Richmond, NC, Nova, Bristol, and Roanoke all had people representing, thanks for making the effort to come out to our tourney, I really appreciate it. All the locals that showed up, good to see everyone, especially the new faces, hope to see you guys showing up for our weeklies in the future. Thanks for recording matches Robbie and Ryan, can’t wait to see the video. Congrats to all the placers and winners, you all played really well. Special thanks to Corey and Michael for providing the matches of the night in TvC, that shit was great, so hype. And a big shout out to our venue, NRV Superbowl, they left us alone and seemed happy with how things went, hopefully we’ll do this again soon. If I’m forgetting anyone or anything, I apologize, but thank you all the same. I couldn’t have imagined a better tournament happening our first time out.

I really would have liked to of made it. Good stuff guys - glad things went well.

Awesome tournament, venue was great :rock:

Good games all around in SF4/TvC. GGs especially to Corey, William, and Channing in TvC.
Corey those winners finals matches were ridiculous, definitely some of my most intense tournament matches ever :looney:

Big thanks to everyone who came out to our first tournament in the area. Nice meeting the Richmond crew and some of the new players that showed up. Looking forward to the next one!

Good stuff, I got way too predictable with my Rufus, could’ve won that 15 bucks! But it was still really fun, gg to everybody.

So much fun happened this weekend. Thanks everyone who came out, we definitely need to continue this.

Tourney was hella fun. It was nice meeting people outside of Richmond for a change, and I learned a lot. Will definitely try to make it to more of these.

I had a blast this weekend. Great matches to everyone and it was awesome meeting all the new faces. I’ve started uploading some of the videos now from the Tekken 6 finals. Robbie is working on the SF stuff, we’ll get the links and info posted up in the blog when it’s all done.

I just got home a few minutes ago and I’m exhausted so I’ll have more to say later. The 5vs5 team battle was hella fun. Team 1 just got lucky that I flaked and didn’t use Chun li again :tup: Seriously though, good games fellas.

Yeah, they were a lot of fun. I wish we had recorded it. It makes me want to learn more TvC stupidness for next time we play.

Had an awesome time. Really glad I came down. It was nice meeting new faces and to see everyone again, hopefully this is enough to motivate me to make it back home more. The venue was awesome, definitely has a lot of potential. So much room.


Hey guys the tournaments where awsome. Mad props to everyone that came, Thank you mostly to justin and jason, for hosting and running the tournaments, one of the coolest places i have been too. I am working on uploading the Videos to youtube right now, as soon as i get them all done ill post the link for whom ever would like to watch. Sorry that some stuff did not get recorded as we where eaither playing or recording a different tournament.

Wow really Kimmix lol good shit.

First of, thanks to our out of town travelers. Richmond, that means you. Bryan “!O_O!” that means you, even though we didn’t talk as much as I had hoped. Josh and co. from Abingdon, that means you. And Eric Kim, that definitely means you. Even though I didn’t have enough to beat you, I was hyped after the HDR sets and damn near Justin’s Braclet level hyped after the SF4 sets. Yeah, I’ll admit, using Bison was so much fun :razzy:

Blacksburg guys I knew, awesome job running this thing. Blacksburg guys I haven’t known long or just met, glad to see you come out. Hope to see more of you during our casual sessions.

GGs to everyone in 3s. Especially Everett and Eric. Our matches were soooo close. Keep running tournaments at this place, such an awesome venue. Next time I’ll try to bring more of NC up with me!

I’ve updated the blog with the tournament results and what videos we’ve uploaded so far. We’re still in the process of uploading the other videos from the day, hopefully there will be no more errors from youtube.