Armageddon at the Alley, Christiansburg VA, 2/27/10


Armageddon at the Alley in Christiansburg VA at Nrv Superbowl.

Location :

NRV Superbowl 375 Arbor Drive Christiansburg VA 24073
Enter through front doors, then go to far left end of the building.

Time :

Casuals and registration 12:00
Tournament begins at 3:00

Games :

Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, BlazBlue, 3rd Strike, HDR, Vampire Savior, and TvC

With the possibility of MBAA, GGXX depending on interest and time.

Console :

PS3 SF4, T6, BB. 360 for HDR. PS2 for 3s and VS.Wii for TvC.

Venue Fee :


Tournament Fees :

SF4 $10, T6 $10, BB $5, 3s $5, HDR $5

Payouts are 60/30/10

Side tourneys

SF4 teams $5 per player per team, 60/30/10

TvC $5 Payout is 80/20

VS $2 winner take all

Team VS $6 per team, winner take all.

Tournament Rules :

Bring your own wired controller(stick or pad).
Double elimination.
Best 2/3 (T6 is 3/5) rounds,2/3 matches, until Losers and Winners Finals then 3/5.
For team events, must not have the same character on the same team, winner stays, loser switches to next team member, best 2/3 until finals then 3/5.
No outside food or drink in the venue, no exceptions.

Here are some pic’s of the venue courtesy of GhibliCat, thanks man.
Front of venue
Motel across the street from venue.
Inside shot.
Inside from opposite end of room.

Random details : There are 3 motels nearby(walking distance). The venue serves food and beer, they have pool tables, some arcade games(no fighters) and you can bowl. There is a liqour store within walking distance. There are plenty of resturaunts nearby.


Tentative schedule:
3pm - 3rd Strike and HDremix
5pm - Tekken 6 and TvC
7pm - Street Fighter 4 and Vampire Savior

Possible side tournaments ~ BlazBlue (CT or maybe CS), Melty Blood: AA, Guilty Gear AC, team tournaments?!


3rd Strike:

  1. GhibliCat
  2. Arcas V
  3. ST Vega
  4. PapaRyu
  5. Rush_EX


  1. GhibliCat
  2. Gx3vi
  3. LeperXero
  4. Arcas V
  5. ST Vega
  6. PapaRyu
  7. Rush_EX
  8. Iceman

Tekken 6:

  1. VA_King
  2. VR-Raiden
  3. LeperXero
  4. Iceman

Tatsunoko vs Capcom:

  1. VA_King
  2. Gx3vi
  3. VR-Raiden
  4. LeperXero
  5. PapaRyu
  6. Rush_EX
  7. Iceman

Street Fighter 4:

  1. VA_King
  2. Gx3vi
  3. VR-Raiden
  4. GhibliCat
  5. Kilgannon
  6. Arcas V
  7. vivaldi290
  8. PapaRyu
  9. Rush_EX
  10. Iceman

Vampire Savior:

  1. VA_King
  2. GhibliCat
  3. Gx3vi
  4. VR-Raiden
  5. Arcas V
  6. Rush_EX
  7. Iceman

Side tournaments (Interest Check):


  1. Gx3vi
  2. VR-Raiden
  3. LeperXero
  4. Arcas V
  5. Iceman

Guilty Gear AC:

  1. VR-Raiden
  2. GhibliCat
  3. Arcas V
  4. Iceman

Vampire Savior Teams

  1. VA_King
  2. Gx3vi
  3. VR-Raiden
  4. GhibliCat
  5. Arcas V
  6. Iceman

SF4 Teams

  1. Kilgannon
  2. Arcas V
  3. VR-Raiden
  4. PapaRyu
  5. Rush_EX
  6. Iceman


Sign me up for sure :tup:

I’ll bring a 360, power strip, and possibly a tv. If you’re interested in using the tournament maker software let me know and I can bring a laptop.




Thanks for the help with brackets. How about starting with 3s and HDR, then BB and a side game, T6 and a side game after that, and finish with SF4? 3vs3 HDR or SF4 somewhere in the mix?

If Justin doesn’t have something to do brackets with, that software could be helpful for sure. I’ll let you know about the tv, we may have enough lined up, not entirely sure yet. Good to know Bristol will be coming out.

I know it says the console is 360, but apparently we have enough PS3s available if we want to go that route. Any console preferences?

build Hype.


I’m there! :coffee:

I’ll spam this in our thread when time comes. Sounds like a nice venue.


Mad hype!:hitit:


I’ll have to keep an eye out for this one. I might attend this. My dad is less then two hours away from this place, so I can go visit him and have a place to stay.


Can’t wait glade to see a event that will not take me 2 plus hours to get to!


In sova?

Oh shi, no venue fee. Maybe…


Awesome, it’s a pretty good place and the $0 pricetag for reserving their banquet room all day was too good of a deal.

Hope you can make it out.

A local event is hard to beat.

Swva, just to clarify.


When I first read that I thought it said weird controller. I got excited, but then I realized it said wired.

Can I still bring my own weird controller? :rofl:


^^as long as it’s the orange one with the big red button that I saw pictures of in the tech talk forums. v smile or something, that thing was something else.


I’ll be there too, of course. Can’t wait :china:


yessir, thats the one. Oh, and I’d bring the bopit too. V Smile vs. Bopit exhibition matches are GDLK.


Count me in for some T6! GET HYPE!

Also Im totally down for some Vampire Savior if we have it.


Spreading the word!! So much hype.

I’ll be playing sf4, bb, 3s, gg, and vs.


I’ll be there for sure.


I heard about the bopit Friday night. Sounds sweet.

I’m really hoping to see enough interest in VS to run a tourney for it. Can’t wait to lose with my garbage felicia and random full screen supers.

excellent, glad to see NC taking interest in this.


You are so playing Tekken :arazz:

I’ll definitely play SF4, T6, BB, 3s, HDR, GGXX, and VS if all those are held. I might play TvC also because I think TvC: USA will be out and I’ll have a little time to practice.