Armageddon at the Alley II Christiansburg VA 8/28/2010

Armageddon at the Alley II in Christiansburg VA at NRV Superbowl.

Location :

NRV Superbowl 375 Arbor Drive Christiansburg VA 24073

Enter through front doors, then go to far left end of the building.

Time :

Casuals and registration 3:00
First tournament games begin at 4:00

Games :

Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, BlazBlue CS, 3rd Strike and HDR

Console :

360 for SSF4, BB:CS, HDR. PS3 for T6. PS2 for 3s.

Venue Fee :


Tournament Fees :

SSF4 $10, T6 $5, BB:CS $5, 3s $5, HDR $5
Pay outs are 60/30/10

Tournament Rules :

Bring your own wired controller(stick or pad).
Double elimination.
Best 2/3 rounds,2/3 matches, except T6 which is 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches, until Grand Final then 3/5 matches.
No outside food or drink in the venue, no exceptions.

Random details : There are 3 hotels nearby(walking distance). The venue serves food and beer, they have pool tables, some arcade games(no fighters) and you can bowl. There is a liqour store within walking distance. There are plenty of resturaunts nearby.

It all ends again… at Armageddon 2! aka Beermageddon lol.

This time around I’ll try very hard to run SSF4 teams earlier, possibly Vampire Savior and hopefully a free “Samurai Kirby” side tournament.

So in.
Also, if you guys so desire, I could bring some recording stuff for youtube-age.
That and I wanna get my commentate on.

This will be twice as hype.

I’ll be there with Bristol for sure :tup:

Send me a PM for anything extra you need. I can bring my 360, PS2, and games.

Can’t wait :rock:

uh oh :wasted:. Definitely be here

any chance of TVC?

I could bring TvC, But I don’t, and probably won’t, have a stick for Wii, so an adapter would be required, as I have recently found out that the Wii stick sucks ass.

Any of you guys go to Virginia Tech? My friend is huge into Street Fighter, and he just got me started playing, so we are probably going to come. If there is anybody here this summer, we should play.

^ Yep, quite a few of us do. That’s awesome, check out our thread in match finder about when we do games :tup:

hope to see you there dismojoe. it’s going to be hype.

hey it’s DnD from Kogani, thanks for the invite I will definitely be going! Also small question will you have any Guilty Gear Accent core stations set up? I never got to play you guys at Kogani.

Cool, glad you can make it. I don’t know if anyone had planned on having a set up for GGXXAC. But I’m for it, if someone want’s to bring an extra setup.

i can get a console or two and games for them. Will i need to bring a tv with me?

We might get some ggxx in. Probably won’t have time or enough people for a tourney. Still if it is there I will try to get some games with you since I didn’t get games with you at kogani

The Driver and I will try to make it out to this.

Count me and JP_FTW in aswell!

I think we should be good on TVs, if not I will send you a PM within the month. Definitely bring a ps2 console and a copy of ggac because we don’t have many copies of it out here.

Good shit guys! :tup:

alrighty i’ll be sure to bring that.

i know minimum 3 other people will be coming with me that will love to do some GG

Hey there DnD, I think we played each other at Kogani a little. Glad you decided to come! There can definitely be GGAC, I’ll bring a set up for it, but it couldn’t hurt to bring one yourself as well. I don’t have a CRT TV but there should be at least one that can be used for it. If we can get enough entrants I’m all for doing a side tourney.