Armor Cancelling?

I think that is what its called.

Focus attacking and automatically using ultra after absorbing a hit.

How is this done?

No, there is no Focus Attack involved.
You do an EX Move that has Hyper Armor.
When you do that EX Move, you immediately do Ultra.

Balrogs mum has armour cancelling capabilities on her titties so I dont accidentally spunk all over them.


So how is that done?

It looks like he’s focusing…

Is the Guy using EX run?

Yup, look at the inputs. Two QCF, lk+mk, immediately followed by all the kicks.

There is no Focus Attack as I have already said.
It doesn’t even show Focus Attack in the Inputs.

Guy is doing EX Move, then immediate Ultra.
The EX Move has Hyper Armor.

This is a variant of the kara cancel (a cancel performed during a move’s startup frames), SFIV allows for certain states to kara cancel into another.

yeb’s description:

[media=youtube]AsGzXo-CD-k&feature=player_embedded]Most characters are able to kara cancel a focus absorb into a taunt, but not an ultra. [url=[/media] EX armor absorbs (and this is what you saw Guy do), however, can be kara canceled into ultra.

And of course, everyone can kara cancel a regular attack into a throw.

So let me get this straight, I’ve been playing balrog lately and see some clips of him looking like he absorbs the hit and then ultras. So from what you guys are say is that is not a FA, its his EX move followed by his ultra? Actually even better, can someone be kind enough to show the inputs for what I just decribed for rog? Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks JDM, lol once again it’s you that helped and answered my noobified questions. Can’t they just change the site to The Zen of MLM Blog ?? hehe thanks mate;)