Armor properties

The super armor of Juggernaut really eludes me. Sometimes the super armor passes some stuffs and sometimes it doesn’t. So how does it work?

Example? If I recall, the headcrush super (fireball PP) cannot hit an assist like Doom antiair, but the half circle forward HP(forgot the name of the move… sorry) can!!

So what’s up with that? What can Juggernaut go through and how?

For example, can you hit Capcom assist when he does his antiair or do you get hurt first and send spinning in the air? How about Sentinel drone or super? Can Juggernaut pass them?

if you jump in the air and do a heavy hit, than there will be no super armor. but if you sitck on the ground, you will have to hit him once ( mybe twice , cant remember:sweat: ) but head crush can work depending on the stage of the asist that doom is in. begining, it will go stright through. middle, he is screwed. end, only somtimes… but the other, jugg punch, is extreamly fast. so it can be stopped, but is MUCH harder to do, i find. about sentinal, im not sure. ill test it out. or you can. ither way. anyone correct me if im wrong…

He’s pretty much right about th edom rocks. You can’t headcrush or juggy punch through any type of drones…they do more than 2 hits to you. Basically anything that hits you while grounded …and only hits once…you will pass through. As far as Capcom is concerned…I’m not sure…I’ve never tried to take the hit.


Juggernaut can go through a Hyper Sentinel force, but it has to be timed right. He can only go through one wave out of the three that fly by. So you either have to Head Crush right as the first wave is coming towards your OR if you’re in the air and someone does a Hyper Sentinel Force, hold block and wait. If the first wave goes by and you block the second wave, 9 times out of 10 immediately do a HC and you can fly through the third wave and deal with Sentinel. If you can’t it will hit you BUT you hit the ground quickly and you’re back up on your feet without having to worry about any combo linking. If you can get through it you only get 2 hits from the HC. Not sure why, but going through the special takes away 2 hits from the original 4, so don’t even try to mash. It’s insane, but I did it once you can push block a wave of the special, then HC. But you have to be VERY quick about it. Not something you want to try and do in a competitive match, if you’re aiming to win.:slight_smile: