Armored Core 5


Anyone else getting this for XBox 360?

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PS3 for me.

Spider legs mechs for fucking life.


Bipedals win always!

I want this to be a valid message already.


Picked it up on PS3. Started a team called ‘Shadowlaw.’ If anyone is interested, they can join.

Sniper Cannons ftw.


I have it on 360, hoping they fix the issue with the store today. I want my new parts.

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whoa what the fuck, please tell me theres not DLC parts, im sick to death of this pay to win shit


No, not dlc. The in-game store had an error yesterday. Been working today though.

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I hope this is dope. Taking back raccoon city and picking this up for ps3.


I owned a number of ac games but i gotta say this is possibly the best entry in the series(my favorite at least). The net code is flawless so far i have yet to lag and im on wireless. Its much more in deph strategy wise while still maintaining very fast paced gameplay. The weapons ive collected so far are really balanced it feels like they all have a use for something same goes for the body parts. Its harder to play too when it comes from switching to scan and combat mode on the fly it gets intense sometimes and the story mode is pretty challenging too. Im lovin the mercenary system also. Definitly worth the money if u like mechs and want a challenge. Hit me up on psn ( xThomahwk ) or search and join “Team D.E.S” in the game im gonna be sticking to this game for the long run. Peace…


Got it for Xbox 360 hit me up “trinsic2011” is what I go by




I have it for ps3 and I’m in a local team called “Hikkai”.
I’m a little lost T.T I’m oldschool.

The instruction booklet is really bad too, it’s not really handy for getting me started like back when I bought AC3.
Story mode is weird and prett vague. The merging of online and story is kinda unfamiliar. This whole game has a rather foreign feel to it.

I want to do AC competitively, that’s why I got this new version. There isn’t even a local 2p mode though. >8|…
I need help here. What’s the goal? Territroy/terf wars?
I’d also like to meet up with people from the same country and state and do tournaments and such like some people did in le ps2 days. I"m looking for an (the USA version) type site but for AC. Closest thing I’ve found is ravenrepublic.

Is there even a strat guide for this thing?
It just sort of dumps you into itself without much of a briefing.


ACO was probably the closest to an american Armored Core SRK but it died a long time ago.


I just got around to picking this up today ( fuck bills ).

Really blown away by how they did this, I hopped into a team and was about to hop into my first mission when a guy from my team hopped in and helped out.

Seems very cool, Spider legs are heavy now I guess, way too slow for my tastes, probably going to be switching to light bipedal legs or something like that. I still don’t understand too much of whats going on with the game but It feels much better then that shitpile that was 4 answer.

If anyone is looking for a team that has a lot of daily players on ps3 check out wolfhounds were team level 75 and I couldn’t even play by myself today because dudes were jumping into my games every time I went into a mission.


There’s this and ravenrepublic now. RR is Philippines based


the game is pretty good. dont get it if you are only going to play offline though.


No light weight quad legs now? thats disappointing, gonna miss my duskaroir :frowning:


I’ve got it on 360, not sure what group to join, so I just went with A Baoa Qu because I’m a Gundam nerd.


Bought the game today. Like TNB said, manual is pretty much last resort toilet paper. Dunno WTF I am doing aside from shooting/scan+combat mode/boosting. I wasn’t even this bad on whatever AC I owned on PS2. I’m too scrubby here. My AC needs repair and I have no idea what to do. Currently in a mission solo.


When you figure out how to repair shit please let me know lol. This game doesn’t tell you shit… its brutal.

So apparently as you use your arm weapons they get bonus stats ( idk how this works but its bad ass ).

Reverse joint legs are awesome, even the heavy reverse joint legs feel decently mobile.

People online are not abusing cheap bs yet so get free wins while you can.