Armored Core:FF

Anyone play this game? it’s annoying and eye-straining as hell but once u build at least 1 good AC then it becomes alot of fun watching ur creation fight the extremely difficullt AI anyways i was wondering can i get a link to any sites where i can post up my AC’s and look at other ppls designs n discuss, etc?

ah man ive been a huge armored core fanatic ever since master of arena for ps1 however ff has been the only one I haven’t player since then. you will be hard pressed to find an active armored core community anywhere. a few years back tips and tricks ran a ‘send in your ac designs’ article that was awesome, but they stopped because, i assume, low popularity. you play any of the ps2 ones?

I have played and beaten all psone and ps2 AC’s so far with the exception of Last Raven. I did not care for that game much. AC2 is still one of my favorite single player wise. It’s one of my favorite series, however, the popularity of AC has definitely diminished.

Check that out it’s a site with active communitys for all ac games!!!

BTW i have only played the first ac and another age before i got this anyways wut makes the psp version different is that it’s based around AI for example u create custom AI that controls the actiosn and behavior of ur AC cuz controlling ur AC manually is literally impossible.

hey dradix, what did you think of nine breaker? thats the last one i got and after like 20 minutes messing around with it i gave up. i dont quite understand it.