Armored Core: For Answer



Anybody here have it? I picked up a copy today. From what I’ve read and seen, this game is more intuitive to a faster, more frenzied play than AC4 was.


EN Economy seems more forgiving and there are some boosters that can really get you moving. Over Boost lasts longer. Blades now have some tracking on them.

I need to hurry up and beat single player mode 2-3 times so I can really start enjoying this game.

EDIT: And mechs can use a “super”. Pretty much, a Raging Storm.


Over time Armored Core has gone from being THE slowest mech game ever to one of if not the fastest. Looks great, I really got into AC4 and I was happy with how much they sped up gameplay and let you stay airborn much longer (see: almost indefinitely if you set your Next up right).


Single player is handing me my ass though. Gimme them FRS points!


It’s gone back to being like Armored Core: Master of Arena. It’s better this way.

I hope they start having the Master Tournaments like they did back in the day. I picked up a copy myself but… I… don’t have an Xbox right now T.T

Freakin’ worthless hardware.


Just ordered it on amazon, though I still don’t have a 360 to play it on haha. I recently played AC4 and fell in love then I heard that ACFA was coming out in 2 weeks so I figured I waited to get a 360 long enough. See you guys online eventually


Man this shit is awesome.


I was looking forward to playing this and then my xbox broke. Looks like another missed opportunity to hop on the ac bandwagon for me.


Jesus Christ lol.

I haven’t played AC since the first one, on what, the ps1? But after watching the above vid I kind of want to get back into it.

Please tell me there’s a royale and not just 1v1.


it’s 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 or battle royale for up to 8 players. It also has 2-player online co-op


I’m getting this.




Can I pick this up without having played AC4?


Yeah. AC4 was my first AC, you pick up the basics real quick. Before the single player mode starts, you go through a tutorial. I’m still getting the hang of the stats and stabilizers though. It’s deep and has quite a learning curve but it’s really fun.

I remember from an old Armored Core thread, Shade had quite some knowledge to spit. I’m sure he could give you a better orientation than I.

Yes! I finally beat White Glint. He was quick boosting all over the place, I couldn’t hit him. But once I figured out that he’s a mid-range type, I brought out the dual sniper rifles and wheelies(a lot of homing missiles launch from your shoulder). And you start the match with an ally mech so I just let them fight each other until my ally died then I came out with full HP and picked him off. All of that, and I STILL almost died.


I played & loved all the psx and some of the ps2 ACs. that shit was not that slow

but this is whoooosh.

it’s only for Xbox? : /


Picking my copy up today (PS3 release, of course).




I need to find someone on XBL that can co-op me through the single player mode.


I’m a holla at you Sunday night if I get to play it.


Man, this looks crazy. I still like the pace of bout 3 better than what it looks like they’ve bumped it up to, but if I had a 360/PS3 I’d still pick it up to screw around with.


I gots the PS3 version.
Anyone wanna play/battle or trade ACs, gimme a shout!

Is it possible to play with someone who has the game imported?