Arriving Thursday - Casuals?

I’m arriving at the Red Rock whenever the 4pm shuttle gets there from the airport.

Where are people staying? Are there casuals in the rooms or do the TVs suck as predicted?

Anyone want to get together for some MvC2/AE/3s?

always down DP

i’ll hit you up when i get in around 6-7

Im down for casuals with DSP…but Dont know where…the HSF SD crew may have a room available for casuals…hit me up via PM and ill let you know whats up

If you guys get screwed over on the TVs, and need some decent practice today, the only decent arcade with 3s, and Marvel is Cp’s.

here is the addy, if you need to take a taxi:


Do you know, off-hand, how far that is from Red Rock?

google maps says about 8.2 miles.

My guess, 8-9 miles. You can maquest the addy.

They also have a 42 inch tv if you want to hook up a PS2.

Thanks a lot for the heads up. Good lookin’ out.

Here at the Red Rock, TV’s suck, dug out the RF connection, in hopes that an RF adapter might fix things, but they are child-proofed. :frowning: Anybody else here and got any suggestions? Really want to play some AE…

We were able to hookup a PS2 via RF on the flat screens in our room. But it was our 2nd option. :wink:

My friend who registered the room couldn’t hookup the flat screen at first and was worried about lag so he drove to Walmart and picked up a 17" tube. He plugged it in and it didnt work so he returned it and got a replacement right away. :lol:

I showed up later that day and hooked up my PS2 via RF. We didnt notice any lag but the screen was stretched out and we couldn’t change the resolution. We had 2 setups but mostly everyone played on the small tube. :wgrin: