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I’m surprised yet pleased that Green Arrow will be a spiritual successor to Smallville…although I was hoping it would be Eric Kripke’s adaption of Deadman.

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Setting expectations to low. I doubt that the CW can produce a watchable show based on Green Arrow.


personally i think connor woulda made a far more dynamic and interesting character. an archer with world class martial arts skills trained by the shaolin(?). plus he’d have all that back history they could play with. it also leaves the ability to have smallville people who may play older characters come through.


Connor was the only sidekick character I thought was useless, just Monk Arrow with a lame history and super badass Oliver Queen is good enough.

I don’t have faith in any CW produced superhero show and budget, so meh.


there are def far more useless sidekicks. stephanie aka robin #4 that never happened.


No one includes her! Spoiler sucked, she was just a plot device from the Robin comics that somehow got attention.


like i said she was a far worse sidekick. i mean i could skim through teen titans right now and pick out at last 4 worse sidekicks than kung fu connor. and its more the potential for awesomeness that i think would work. no one cares about a young oliver…its old man oliver thats the fun one. young oliver will just be angsty to be angsty.

though it says he was trapped in china, so i have a feeling they may be putting in elements of connor. i would be surprised if he knows crazy kung fu and is on some buddist shit since he’s a reformed badboy.


As Connor ever been a sidekick? Even when he got branched when Ollie came back he was never used in a sidekick captivity from what I remember. I could care less about him. I always found him boring.


As long as the action really exploits the awesomeness of trick arrows, this could prove interesting.

Also…“Starling City”???



You know, I really just thought I should add this video here you know? You know I was just thinking about this show and stumbled across this vid detailing how the show would be you know? You know I’m not sure if I agree with their vision but I am interested in seeing if they can make this into something fun you know?

Anyway you know, I’m glad this thread was already made so I didn’t have to do it you know. You know this joke isn’t very funny. I’ll stop now.



Seems better than Smallville’s Arrow…


I know people are watching it. Get on board.

I dig it a bit.

  • Katie Cassidy is Dinah Lance
  • Her friend is hot and used to be on General Hospital
  • Katie Cassidy is in it
  • More hot chicks are coming
  • Lots of people dying (they even pretty much showed a suicide)
  • Green Arrow has killed at least 5 people from my count. I don’t like my heroes killing people
  • Too many camera shots of Green Arrow with his shirt off but so far, I have yet to see Katie Cassidy’s skin.
  • Katie Cassidy is in it
  • Black people have important roles in the show

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Katie Cassidy lights my fire.


John Diggle is my new favorite character…


So Im just gonna share the love and post here as well. Pretty good so far, Im loving the flashbacks similar to everyone else and I love the steady exposition the show is using, while we have a general idea of what went down on the island we don’t know exactly what the deal was so gradually finding out is fun. Really looking forward to where they take the numerous plot lines this season, we all pretty much know arrow and whats her name are gonna get it on eventually, but other than that, pretty much every other character/plot line is completely unpredictable for me particularly since I know so little of the character.

Oh and the speedy nod in the first episode was cute, speaking of which, I wonder where they are going with the arc with his sister. Im liking it so far, I can definitely see where the sis is coming from despite not agreeing with her actions.


So CW picked up Arrow for a full Season.

Yeah…I also have an issue with GA outright killing people.
I hope it’s not commonplace.


This is the best thing CW has produced since Supernatural seasons 1-5. Granted the bar isn’t high.



  • Speedy is cute but in a pornstar kind of way.
  • Can’t wait for Dinah to go all blonde.
  • Dinah showed off some hand-to-hand. Me likey.
  • Diggy’s sister-in-law looks like a piece
  • Looks like Oli killed Deadshot. Come on man… I don’t like that shit. I want my heroes to be more than just killers. But maybe next week Oli’s mind will start to change about the killing he’s been doing
  • There are POAs all over the place.
  • Show started off with Oli’s shirt off again. I’m not a fan of that either
  • Mmmmmmmm… Katie Cassidy[/spoiler]

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Decent episode.


Some of the writing is shitty. But, I can’t help watch this show.



Ollie doesn’t pull punches.
Dinah is actually blonde and has dyed brunette (see the photo of her and Ollie where she is blonde).
Speedy is beyond tappable.


Less than spectacular scripting.