Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show

no i think they wanna develop it more. I think its eventually gonna be some weird crazy love triangle. in the end its gonna be sarah, thats who hes destined to be with.

im curious to see what happens to roy…he can apparently now shoot arrows lmfao. +1 skill

Why is his mentor in a wheel chair? Not only is it pretty cliche now, but stupidly ironic to have the fastest super hero be mentored by a slow guy.

wait…so we are doing time travel shenanigans if zoom killed his mom. oh man…i smell some flashpoint bullshit eventually happening…barry creating himself.

The new season should introduced Jordan considering his friendship with ollie. You wouldn’t even need to show him as a GL he could just appear 1 episode to catch up and help with the villain that week.

I’m surprised there’s no Flash thread yet, but I’m even more surprised that it actually looks like it will be decent.
If Flash can keep the consistency of Arrow, DC might be able to move a few slots down my shit list.

Yeah I made one few months ago…

Had to avoid the shit out of the Internet. Just watched the finale this morning, great shit.

Ollie in Hong Kong with Amanda… Oh boy lol. I guess the island has been an unofficial prison for a minute.

Why would Roy directly lie to thea like that again… I mean he didn’t have to commit to the lie. He couldn’t hit her with the i will explain everything, but I need to do this joint.

Felicity can’t ever catch a break. Ollie not gonna audit shit til she’s bleeding in his arms and its too late.

Flash trailer looks legit. Hype for that as well. Only thing that makes me sad about this… If a justice League movie really is coming… Imma be tight if they recast arrow… Or even flash most likely.

Just watched it, not sure why it was hyped up as the biggest TV showdown or whatever. I literally squealed with excitement when Ollie told Felicity he loved her :rofl: Damn it Ollie, you got to lock that down.

I’m really annoyed at Thea, she was our only hope of getting rid of Roy.

Well I’m glad that IMDB leak or whatever was completely false :rofl: It kinda ruined the finale for me because I was a little too focused on finding the point at which Diggle would turn.

also… Papa Diggle you dirty dog :rofl:

Bored at work and came across this.

Papa Lance is bald! (⊙︿⊙)

FINALLY got to see this.

Kind of disappointed. Deathstroke is barely resolved, Thea just taps out pretty quick (I can’t take your mild lies Roy, so I am gonna go live with my genocidal father), Laurel’s dad apparently is a delayed hemophiliac, Ollie is now back on the mainland in flashbacks…

fuck right off :frowning:

Deathstroke shouldn’t be completely resolved. That would be a waste of Slade when they can continue to use him.

Thea taps out quick because she was basically looking for any excuse to bail.

The Lance thing was bad yeah. That was just stupid.

And Ollie going back to the mainland sometime was hinted at already. I’m going to miss the Island Brotherhood though…

I agree, my issue was just that it seemed like a poor resolution. I know they can still use him, I’d hate for Slade to die or just go away, but this seems like it’s obviously waiting to be exploited. Ollie just seems dumb for doing that.

Yeah but she went a little overboard. Yeah her mom died, and her bf lied, but she pretty much is driving away with Hitler.

AGREED. The best part was they had to be like 10 feet away from Sarah, and she doesn’t even come.

In the first episode he mentions being on the island for 5 years. Not on the island for a bit, then somewhere where he should easily be able to contact his family and more importantly NOT ON THE FUCKING ISLAND. I don’t care how they explain it. They done goofed.

Not really it was already implied he would left at some point.

As for slade…why would they resolve it they would be idiots for killing him off or any notable DC character lol.

Well the only other thing he could do is try to kill Slade…again. I mean, it probably would’ve worked this time but still, at that point Slade would just be a winner in death.

Thea did go a little overboard, but at this point she has nothing. She’s driving away with Hitler but at least he’s been up front with being an assassin and asshole…you know, now. Besides, Merlyn isn’t the type to just give up or NOT stalk someone… Might as well just get the benefits now.

Just everything involving the Lance family in the family went to hell. Sara saying “I’m finally choosing my own destiny”…by going back to the group she absolutely hated being in. So now because of the clashing of virtues with Ollie, killing is cool again? Maybe she just missed a woman’s embrace.

And yes, he did mention being on the Island for 5 years. He also mentioned that he saw Sara die on the ship and not be found alive and end up being possibly dead again due to the Amazo. Wouldn’t be the first retcon involving the island and Ollie has shown to lie by omission when it comes to the Island a LOT.

he only really ever stated that Sarah didn’t make it. He never brings up the shit they did on the island, or any details…just the truth as far as he knew it. She didn’t make it.

And yes, Ollie lies. But him saying he was on the lsland for 5 years is literally the opening of the first episode. He isn’t talking to anybody. It’s the shows synopsis. 5 years on the island, his only thought was getting off.

and then 2 years later he apparently did get off…

The only way I can accept this, is if Waller gives him a mission and dumps his ass back on the island, pronto.

Obviously Waller will dump his ass back on the island.

What matters is why. Other than Waller being a bitch.

It’s gonna take one hell of a miraculous reason as for why he is on the mainland but will be unable to call anybody in Starling City.

so…is Roy gonna become Red Arrow, or Arsenal?

Well, Waller certainly IS a bitch like that.

Uh, Red Arrow? I mean, they are the same person (outside of YJ) and he certainly could go through both but I think his Mirakuru battle was his Arsenal shit for now.