Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


We know he was Casey Jones, that’s what we were talking about, and him doing an angle and match for WWE was him being mostly himself.

  • he’s doomed to be type casted if he doesn’t learn how to change his shit up from time to time. :confused:


Deathstroke VS Prometheus


Trailer for the last 5 episodes of the season is out.


Please tell me I didn’t see Oliver and Felicity together again…


nigga we went over this a page or two back that it was happening


Stephen Amell said that scene was from a flashback



When slade comes back


Just a note, I believe this is the first Arrow episode with no Flashback type scenes.

Man, it really does make a difference.


Not surprised Helix seduced Felicity with the dark side of the force. They probably had the most bangin’ peanut butter cookies.


I was hoping Felicity would be seduced enough that Ollie would need to put her down. Have Diggle’s wife arrest the bitch under the patriot act. C’mon dooo eeeeetttt


I didn’t want Felicity put down, but her leaving Team Arrow to join Helix full time would’ve been a good ending to write her off and be done with it.


greeny needs to move on to the REAL canary.


Next week’s episode looks like it’s gonna be good!


We all realize arrow basically had the gods eye from fast and the furious right?


Yeah, but oh well…


Yeah but Helix girl got nothing on Ramsey


Get episode without flashbacks, and now it looks like we’re about to get a Flashback heavy episode.

Never lucky.


I’ll take Olicity flashbacks over actual Olicity. Keep that shit in the past. He needs to be pulling up on new Canary.