Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


I bet they show Merlyn alive first lol.


As is tradition


Chase finna burn in hell! He was one of the best villains in the DCCW.


In all seriousness, who do you all think will make it to Season 6?

My theory:


Felicity (The writers like her too much)
Dinah (New Canary)


Earth-2 Laurel (Black Siren) (With Chase dead and real Laurel dead, theres not much purpose to her now in any sneak plots)
Quentin (He was only in like half the episodes and otuside of his deputy mayor/alcohol/Rene stuff seems like hes outlived his usefulness)

Rene (IMO the character was kinda one note until the foster daughter bit towards the end.)
Curtis (H’es only there for the T-spheres. Felicity’s got the tech stuff, and Ollie/Dig/Dinah can do fights better so.
Evelyn Sharp (Her betrayal was interesting in the first half of the season, but I feel the writers forgot about her and rushed her in to the last few episodes. She doenst even fight anyone , just stuck in a cage lol)

Harkness (Merlyn probably got him to take the brunt of the land mine)

William’s mom (If dead, William could be under Ollies care permanently and Felicity could be his mother figure?)



I give this episode and this season two thumps up.


No one delivers that “Son of a bitch!” line like Dig.


Honestly I don’t think there will be many deaths at all. Probably just Captain Boomerang and Artemis.


I hope Artemis isn’t dead…

so we can witness someone putting a bullet between that arrogant bitch’s eyes.


when does he enter the “im too old for this shit” part of his life?


Artemis and William’s mom are the only casualties I can see.


this dude cant be watching a fuckin kid. you change his identity for his protection and send his ass to the temple. fast forward 5-6 years and we got connor hawk. GET THIS SHIT DONE.


Connor Hawke is Diggle’s son in the Arrowverse. William got to be someone else.


its the arrowverse…barrys gonna fuck something up in the first 15 min of the new season. it still works.


Dude can’t even commit virtual suicide without being shat on apparently. :coffee:


What a season finale, Adrian Chase is now my favorite Arrowverse villain with Reverse Flash. His theme with the clock noises lol man I’ll miss him.
They really stepped up after the last two seasons, can’t wait to see how they do without flashbacks now.


Facts. Thanks Barry for fucking up the time!

s2 > s5 > s1 > s3 > s4


Proves this show is just so much better with manu benneet/slade


“My name is William Queen. For years, I was without a father wishing for one thing: to find him. Now after watching my mother die - I must use the skills my father taught me and bring down those who would bestow this fate on others. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become something else. I am the Wee Arrow.”


It’d be pretty cool if everyone died. The next season would be the Adventures of Oliver and William Queen. (But it’s obvious who lives anyways, so that’s out the window)