Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


Malcolm actor is done with the Arrowverse

It’s safe to kill him off.


he’s done because torchwood is coming back…gonna get dat bbc money. those shows tend to have weird seasons so he’ll prob be back eventually.

drop his ass off at the temple. nigga needs to get his 36 chambers wit an arrow on.


Hopefully we will see him in Legends


He’s left the Arrowverse entirely.


lmfao wut?


…or everyone on the island dies…

The Flash and The Green Arrow both had better cliff hangers this season finale; better than the dumb dinosaur Legends…




Easiest way for everybody to live: Merlyn survived that skirmish (doesn’t matter how, honestly). He then gets the boat on the other side of the island while everybody is focusing on the plane and rescues team Arrow before the island blows up.



Merlyn’s actor is done with Arrowverse so his character is safe to kill off. Rene, Canary and Black Siren are confirmed to be regular characters for next season so they are safe. For any surviving character the easiest thing to do is have them reach the Argus bunker he told Slate to take them to.


Manu Bennett wants Deathstroke to have his own show


I’d be down for that. I like Deathstroke and Manu Bennett is a beast.


I wouldn’t mind a Deathstroke series but I want powered up Deathstroke. I would love to see a picture of Joe and Manu side by side as Deathstroke. :lol:


I don’t mind old enemies staying dead. I actually prefer it.

I don’t know who will be the bad guy next year but whoever it is I hope it doesn’t retract the refreshing addition of other, more interesting team members in Team Arrow. If I get one more season of Queen/Smoak nonsense I’ll throw my TV out the window.


Finally got around to watching the season finale. It was awesome best episode I have seen in a long while glad to see Slade bk and the show in general bk on point.

Hopefully now that they wrapped up the flashbacks we r done with that shit now.


So the Mirukuru just magically wore off? What about the years prior? Unless he was self injecting and so being in the ARGUS prison made him detox, that’s kind of lame.


Slade was cured of Mirukuru at the end of the season 2.


I forgot what exactly happened at the end of season 2. You’re probably right. The way Slade said it, I thought it wore off after his imprisonment. But perhaps it was just a “for audience” type of statement to refresh our memory.


Mirukuru was the cause of his insanity and he’s been imprisoned by Argus since Season 2. He had a lot of time to reflect on what he did.


Something to tie you over untill September/October.

Poor David Ramsey. :lol


Season 6 trailer…