Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


Looks good tbh. Less team clutter.


It only looks like that because they’re trying their best not to reveal who lived and died on the island blast.


Michael Emerson (Lost, Person of Interest) is guest starring in Season 6.


Diggle is having none of that nonsense behind him lol. That’s that shit @RockBogart had to tolerate in college.

Only black man I know who wouldn’t have minded it is @thurst because he picked up shit with his butt cheeks to join his sorority.


Still salty about getting dominated in basketball, I see.


You and your fairy tales.


Diggle will be a broken man in season 6


Lyla or JJ gonna die.


If JJ dies, they can use that excuse for Lyla and Diggle to end their marriage too. Not sure if they’ll take it, cuz having a kid die is pretty crazy. But if they really wanted to change things, that’s your route.


dont do it…i love lylas cuteness. i think she might have a bangin body but they dont show it at all


Nobody’s dying. According to the actor Diggle’s being broken will come from surviving the island explosion and being out of his element with metahumans.



New trailer…


No Barry, therefore it looks good :coffee:


So Thea is in a coma and Oliver’s baby mama died. Too bad we couldn’t swap Samantha for Felicity…


Good start good start!

Feels good to be back. Longest 5 1/2 months ever lol


As annoying as Felicity is, she’s still goddamn hot!


Felicity had redeemed herself last season while Samantha…well she didn’t really get much of an opportunity to not be mildly bitchy so no loss there.

Anyway, the Arrowverse goes 3 for 3 with terrible payoffs for big cliffhangers, though this one probably hurt the least since there’s still plenty of fallout to be had and there were really very few characters they could afford to truly kill off. Still the Flash and LoT did a LOT better of a job of playing catch up with the time skip, Arrow…decided to use flashbacks again and that’s pretty annoying.

Still, there’s plenty to like, Katie Cassidy is having a blast as Black Siren and Team Arrow has really gelled quite well. Right now it goes though LoT>Arrow>Flash for this season.


I liked the premiere. It seems everyone from the Island expect Artemis was accounted for. I remember Slade saying someone went for the girl in the cage but no confirmation if she’s still alive. Predictably William’s mom is the only causality. The show wouldn’t have the balls to kill off Thea. That would one death Ollie wouldn’t be able to recover from if it were to ever happen. When she does recover I would like to see her be the cool aunt to William. The kid will need it.

I like Renee’s new costume. Someone like him could have used an armored costume.

I’m not getting John’s PTSD. He’s been in a lot of life or death situations before so I don’t understand why the island exploding is so traumatic to him. Unless everything that’s happened to him for the past six seasons are finally catching up to him I’m going to have trouble buying into it.


Fair point. I wish Mama Smoak would come back though…to help Quentin through his trying times of course.