Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


Renee is still my favorite on this show.


I like the dynamic between Renee and Lance.


Renee dynamic with Diggle is good too. He and Canary could help him with the PTSD he’s developed.


For sure. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like a chore the way side relationships felt in the past.

I find the Slade thing weird. I get that he was on the juice before, but he’s become full Team Arrow now?


I agree that it’s weird, but Oliver and he were good friends before the mirakuru. I don’t ever expect Thea to be buddy buddy with him though.


If Thea can get along with Malcolm she can find a way to work with Slade.


Slade skewered her mother right in front of her and isn’t a blood relative.


Malcolm drugged her and used her like a puppet to murder Sarah in a convoluted plan to force Oliver to fight the League of Assassins for him. She still called him dad on occasion after that.


As terrible as that was he didn’t run her mother through. People tend to be more forgiving of relatives in equivalent situations, but the two situations aren’t equal.


Malcolm has burned Thea more than anyone and it didn’t stop her from trusting him every now and then. Arrowverse has characters act like retards when it comes to family. Ollie and Thea acting like Robert wasn’t the one who rised her. They never owed him shit.


Redeem these nuts. Let Deathstroke be Deathstroke. Neutering him is just going to make him worse.

They should have never brought the character back. Season 2 was his magnum opus. Let’s leave the character there.


Arrowverse Deathstroke wasn’t a bad guy. Mirakuru made him crazy and went supervillain. He should be back to normal self now that it’s out of his system. Redemption is what Arrowverse Deathstroke needs.



I know what happened to him but the show has moved on. To me it just seems like the writers are going to the past because they are trying to capture the magic from that pretty much perfect season. I don’t think they have to. The last season was awesome and that’s in large part due to them focusing on brand-new characters that are compelling. It’s something a lot of the previous baddies lacked.

But just my two cents.


The difference is that Malcolm is blood


Confirmation of Batman existence in the Arrowverse



I love Batman but honestly hope they don’t bring him into the universe. There’s no need.


Ollie basically stole Batman’s style (and villains) for this show. Having Batman exist is pretty pointless. If Batman shows up anywhere, it should be on Supergirl’s world


Who says Batman exists? Bruce Wayne exists, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Batman exists. As pointed out, Batman would likely just exist in Supergirl’s universe, not necessarily this one.


It’s too heavy-handed a clue for it to mean Batman doesn’t exist.


Really? Because we’re up to Season 4 of the Flash and we have seen no sign of Hal Jordan or the Green Lantern no matter how many times they’ve gone back to Ferris Air, or the time Team Arrow went to Coast City.

Sometimes a heavy-handed cameo/shout-out is just that and nothing else.