Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


Ain’t the same thing as shouting out the hero by name.


In Green Lantern’s case it’s only that way because the shows ain’t allow to use the character. Jordan actually appeared on screen in an Arrow flashback in the season 3 premiere.


Writers can introduce characters, as though they’ve been around, without having to mention them previously.


Welp…this is a shitty time for another reunion.


And a pretty good episode just went to hell in 1 minute.


This was probably explained already, but what happened to Diggle’s family?




Just blame Barry.


Barry’s fuckery caused Sara Diggle not to exist. She was replaced with John Junior.

Lyla pops up from time to time.




Ollie is an asshole. Diggle has a kid too.


Which is part of the reason I hated the last minute. Most of the team have family or friends that would care if they died, so his position comes off as really selfish and self-entitled. We also know it won’t stick. AND it makes Diggle an asshole for not saying anything which could get the entire team in danger.


Dinah needs to air Diggle out. He almost got Wild Dog and her killed and he accepts Oliver’s offer. WTF man.


Wasn’t talking about the Flashpoint stuff. I haven’t paid much attention to the 2 recent episodes, but it feels like there’s a relationship thing going on w/Dinah+Dig, so it was weird to me when thinking about Lyla/JJ. I’ll just assume I’ve missed too much through all my skipping.


The relationship between them is professional. There’s nothing romantic between them.

It will take a major fuck up for Dinah to snitch on Diggle. I see Diggle accepting the offer because he wants to prove that his nerve damage won’t hold him back. He doesn’t want to accept that his days on the field will come to an end.


The thing is that they don’t HAVE to come to an end. They have enough friends to find a way to get his Nerve Damage dealt with even if it is degenerative.


Plz let Rene toss a Black Arrow joke in there somewhere.


Herp derp we can make paraplegic Felicity walk but we have no idea how to cure Diggle herp derp


Yo wtf you guys quit watching WB shows or what?


My boy juicing to stay in the game. Your wife runs a shady government agency. Why are you going to a dealer?