Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


why does Slade look older in Justice League? Is it because the Green Arrow’s timeline is before the Justice League or are they on 2 different Earths???


Well Slade is definitely younger in the Arrow Verse compared to DC iterations


Batman reference once more. Soon Batman might show up!!!


Lance has finally snapped. I can see him doing some Mistry type shit with Earth 2 Laurel. This is why normies shouldn’t know about parallel Earth shit.

Glad that Cayden is dead. Most boring main villain the show ever had.


lol yeah Cayden is boring as fuck. Also saw the dragon dude as main villain/traitor a mile away. This show is too fking predictabo.

Needs a real geese howard/kingpin type villain. Sadly on its last legs imo.

Needs an injection of one of the bigger JL heroes. IMO they should do what they did with supergirl and leave the main guys as infrequent cameos but spreas them out over the other shows. Batman is too similar to arrow but could still work. Personally id go with following:

Supergirl : Superman/Cyborg
Arrow: Batman/Aquaman
Legends: Wonder Woman
Flash: Green Lantern

Also needs Shazam and Blue Beetle in arrowverse somewhere. Booster gold can easily be incorporated into legends.


will black lightning cross over?


Returns on March 1, 2018. The CW needs to plan these timeslots better. They have more shows than timeslots, lol.


Prometheus on the show last week was tight!


Oliverr going nuts or stressing is a weird way to strip him of plot armor but ill take it.


Speaking of Oliver, Next season’s bad boss is confirmed…

Green Arrow vs the Beyhive! :laughing:




No more Lance? Just when I thought this show couldn’t get any worse…


Yeah it may be time to truly abandon ship. It’s a shame, I was actually enjoying the direction the show was going as of late but it’s pretty obvious that most of the actors are increasingly wanting out.

The Arrowverse outside of Legends is looking to be on its last legs.


Siren X VS Black Siren would be cool


Batwoman will be introduced in the Arrowverse next crossover


So Killer Frost is like Reign. Killer Frost has been Killer Frost since birth (according to the CW) and not through the particle accelerator!!!


wonder if that means her dad is gonna try to take over the city in some military coup?


Arrow finale was good. Definitely feel like the show, after some early slog, returned to form this season and now we have an entirely new status quo to work off of. Apparently if either Arrow or Flash is bad for one season, the other is great. Never both at the same time.

EDIT: And Roy’s coming back next season…I imagine with Thea in tow.


Thea isn’t coming back. Willa Holland left the show. At least they didn’t off her like Lance :sob: As far Batwoman goes, Sara will be all over her like white on rice.