Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


Well then we’ll definitely need an explanation as to why Roy’s coming back without Thea. You’d think they’d just both ride into the sunset and be done with it.


I think it’s going to be a stalemate. I don’t think Sara will turn her out. LOL!!


This is Sara Fucking Lance we’re talking about. There’s no human she can’t turn out.


read somewhere batwoman = another earth Maggie sawyer.


She doesn’t have to turn her out. Batwoman is a lesbian. Sara can land straight women. Kathy Kane doesn’t stand a chance.


This Batwoman won’t necessarily be a lesbian. Not that it would stop Sara as you mentioned.


She’s going to be a lesbian. That’s become a big part of her character. If she isn’t, people are going to be salty. I wouldn’t blame them really.


This Batwoman will definitely be Kate Kane. The big question will be which Earth she comes from.


Only if it’s Kate Kane. If people get salty about it, that’s on them. The Arrowverse already has plenty of strong and beloved LGBT characters. I don’t want it to be Kate just because she’s a Lesbian. I’d rather her fit the story, and her orientation come second.


Oh man, I was shedding some tears when Ollie cried because he knew that Lance wasn’t going to make it before he went into surgery…

Also, Black Siren is going to go down the dark side of the force mush like Skywalker did towards the end of Episode III; Lance’s death sealed her fate. Diaz better hide!!!

EDIT: Oh yeah, why did Black Siren decide to stay on earth 1 instead of going back to Earth 2??

Also, just noticed that Diaz is exactly like Oliver Queen (The Dark Arrow) from Earth X.


pretty sure its earth 1. also it would fit right into the arrowverse if its the gang vs her father


Who’s father???


her father is this military nutjob who basically wants to be so efficent and controlling he made batman obselete. he basically waged a war on batman for control of gotham…for some weird reason no wikis have a good profile built on him so i cant confirm if my memory is shitty lol. i do know comics explained did a whole video series on this run. buuuutt im not sure what the title is.


Zoom took Black Siren to Earth 1 then she stayed on Earth 1. Black Siren compared Diaz to Zoom


And that was bad writing. Diaz is no Zoom. Zoom had control of every villainous meta of Earth 2. Diaz took over a city. Siren can bring down buildings. Her deferring to Diaz never sat well with me. Partners? Okay I’ll give them that.


uh? i was talking about bat woman.


I think your confusing Kate’s dad with Sam Lane.


Season 7 trailer…


Adrian Chase, the new Green Arrow VS Ricardo Diaz!!!


So this season is basically gonna be that forgotten Green Arrow SuperMax movie but in TV form? I’m down, hope they get as gritty as possible