Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


thats exactly the plot lol


heatwave & cold busted out people before… not their 1st “prison break”…


Wait…Nora Fries was a villain at one point?

Edit: Read her wiki.
So at one point she had the powers of the Lazarus Pit?


Wtf is Nora doing outside of a cryogenic pod? I don’t like this.


Waiting to get inside the pod


New Arrow trailer…


I just finished Arrow Season 6.



Fight scenes

Katies performance as E2 Laurel.


God the manufactured drama just to get tear away Ollie’s support is so contrived.

Diggle 's neurological damage in the beginning had potential to be really interesting. That was resolved too quickly so then he wanted the “honor” of being GA full time. Fine time to have his period.
Diggle , should I buy you tampons?
Other than killing his brother in S4, Im not really getting Diggles issues and his hatred of Ollie that much. He has Lyla, and JJ and Im sure he doesnt have money problems. Its not like being GA gives Ollie lots of fine hoes and endorsements, mostly just pain.

The departure of Thea and Lance. Thea was in a coma for a 1/3 then just doing adminstrative stuff for the rest of her screen time and snce E2 Laurel was there, the fatherly bond between Lance and Thea was gone.While It was nice to see Roy again, it felt hollow.I thought Laurel would die to save Lance not the other way. Plus, it was so naive of him to trust Laurel the whole season and after the money thing I would have just shot her. Both exists should have made me feel something but no…

Diaz is the crappiest main villain of the entire series. Even though S4 sucked, Darkh was an awesome villain with personality. Diaz had little physical skills, no superpowers. How Laurel didnt own him early on is a mystery. Not much sympathy for him either. This dude did what Darkh/Slade/Merlyn couldnt ? Please.

like how Anatoly isnt shown at all in the last few minutes. He just gets away huh? lol
Curtis lover didnt get shown at the end? I guess hes not that important either lol.

While I am interested in the prison angle next season, I have a gut feeling it will just be 1-2 episodes before the status quo is restored. Also, E2 Laurel is a lawyer? lol

Overall: 5/10


We have a real person in my neck of the woods named Ricardo Diaz!!!


I stopped watching a few episodes into the season with the fake drama that they kept on shoving down our throats. Especially between Lance, Laurel and Dinah. Then the fake drama breaking up the team.


That shit pissed me off. I finished the season out of habit. They dropped ball during season 6 and it had promise. 1,2, and 5 remain the best seasons of Arrow by far.


Theres a simple way to fix Arrow.
Add More bad ass martial arts
Less teen romance/dram


There’s a simple reason that will never happen. Two letters actually.



An easier fix for Arrow would be to reduce the supporting cast.


Show was best when it was just Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity. Sarah showing on occasion was cool. She was the best Canary.


You mean literally only Season 1. And only like 10 Episodes of it at that.





Why not have Zoom on The Green Arrow? Would be interesting…


I’m down with that!!
But Arrow and the rest of the superhero CW shows ( sans Black Lighting and most Legends) have fallen off.

Seriously Nora Fries’s main gimmick has always been being frozen in a tube!!


Gaining the powers of the pit she had pyrokinesis and the ability to resurrect the dead. She was pissed that Victor kept her in that tube for so long when the pit was an option.


The crossover event is called “Elseworlds”…neat.