Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


Basically the other Earth’s are really parallel universes. In other words, Overgirl = Supergirl if Supergirl took a different path in life, but both are the same exact person which spawned a parallel univers (Earth-X)

So there are at least 53 parallel universes if not more…


The Monitor has been cast…


I see the bat symbol…

Will Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson (getting ready for Titans) make an appearance???


That’s for Batwoman…you donut.


I know, but is there a chance…


Not when Gotham is still airing.


The new green arrow could be dark arrow…


Season 7 sizzle reel…







The chin strapless mask works better on Stephen Amell


Oliver wrecking fools in barely anything is pretty funny.


^^^^^^^^^Diaz is being manipulated by villains from one of the other CW shows (Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)…

Everyone see DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Monday? Was strange. Especially the part at the end when in blood someone wrote, “I’m coming for you Constantine” or something like that in blood.

Supergirl was more strange. Who is the masked villian?

The Green Arrow with the flash forwards to the future then to the present time

The Flash with a total copying of or paying homage to Dragonball Z/Dragonball Super…

So, Nora is basically Future Trunks and Cicada is like a combination of Cell and Black (Zamasu). Nora tells the story about how this Cicada came too early because of time lines screwing up and nobody could beat him (not even The Legends, Supergirl, The Green Arrow, or The Flash)!!!

Did everyone see how the latest Wells doppelganger pretty much revealed himself as a speedster in the end scene of Yesterday’s The Flash episode? This would make sense because if The Flash disappeared, there would be no The Reverse Flash.

So… fun times in the CW DC universe, fun times!!!

Also, has everyone noticed how all 4 shows pretty much are building the plot for December’s crossover episodes? Last year’s and the year before last’s crossovers episodes were kinda stand-alone and didn’t really connect to the 4 shows together…

Can’t wait to see who the bad villain(s) are going to be in December’s crossovers!!!


Arrow is looking decent this season. Cant be a coincidence the best parts are the prison scenes. Also could have done without flash forward or diggles family drama.


Now Diaz is essentially a meta human


Waiting for him to actually breath fire this season.


So psychologist guy is the demon right?


Diaz spoke about the demon

Notice how the four shows slowly lead up to and/or spoiling Else Worlds…


The demon was a nice surprise, Arrow (finally) did her justice with this ep.