Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


Explain Supergirl speaking Russian…


Go read Superman: Red Son as a starter…


Kryptonic Blonde. :coffee:



am i the only one who thinks the new green arrow isnt roy. dudes doin metahuman shit.


Main reason I don’t think the new Green Arrow is Roy is because that would be too on the nose. Ultimately, I wonder who the new Green Arrow will turn out to be.


My best guess was Talia but being at the prison killed that idea. Knowing this show it will end up being Malcolm Merlyn.


Im thinkin this fake Arrow is some Elsewords shit for the crossover. But im usually wrong lol


I don’t think they’d tie such a big plot point to the crossover. A lot of people don’t watch all the shows.


My guess is either Adrian Chases twin bro or undead dinahs boyfriend dude.

Would be cool if it was the japanese dad from when he was in hong kong I think


so im the only one who thinks he’s meta? no one moves like him, and one of his first appearances he was ripping out metal piping and climbing up walls like he was fuckin spiderman.


Maybe he’s Earth 2 Ricardo Diaz :smirk:


lmfao or its earth 2 tommy with ninja training


Who the f is meta


…are you new to dc?


Just misread. Nevermind


Elseworld’s The Flash?


I need to catch up on Legends but so far Arrow is sick and the best Arrowverse show this season, the promo for next episode looks like it won’t disappoint either.


Zoom season 2 and Thawne season 1 will be on 100th episode of The Flash because Barry and Nora go back in time…


Elseworld Promo Trailer