Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show


So who is that blackopolis?


maybe 90s flash’s superman


Apparently hes “the monitor”


Next week’s episode will have more viewers than Elseworlds:

When zoom asked “and who is this” !!!

He looks more dangerous
Sooo hyped up for the 100th


So the new Green Arrow is likely…

Emiko Queen. I had to look her up…and she’s Ollie’s half sister?


Japanese half sister. Robert had an affair with a Japanese woman with Yakuza ties. That’s how it went in the comics


In the comics

Robert Queen had an affair with Shado. Emiko was their daughter. She got kidnapped by Komodo. Given how they’ve used Shado and Komodo on Arrow, they are going to have to make some changes


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100th episode of The Flash is the best episode so far!!!

Eobard Thawne from the year 2049 at the end of the episode!!!


One, if not the best villain on TV right now. This season REALLY needed that kind of episode, hopefully it finally picks up and get as good as Arrow is right now.


The Flash needs to run back to 1999, grab Heather, bring her to 2018, and calm Oz the fuck down :wink:


Oliver being Oliver. Only Oliver got the balls to stand up to God or a god!