Art Attack: SF4 Gallery images


This should be fine with the anti-piracy stance of the forum as they were extracted from a legit copy, but yeah here’s all the artwork from SF4’s gallery, sans one stage image that got missed (It’s been sent to him and should be up soon).

A friend of mine translated some of the stuff, though not much of it is development related. However there is one interesting bit: in the character concept art you’ll notice images for a black character that went through several redesigns. Apparently this fellow was “King Cobra”, and was meant to be a more acrobatic counterpart to Ryu and Ken, and possibly bald. He kinda made it into the game to boot, but not in a way some people will like.

Anyway, didn’t see it posted, so enjoy.


Thats pretty damn cool, thanks for the heads up!

About the Rufus design, it would’ve been cool if Rufus turned out to be black. I think more games today need more diverse races and more sex diversity. We need more women in games, we need more blacks, and we especially need to start getting arabs into games!!!


Wish they used this design as the alternate for Fei, the one Capcom gave us makes him look really lame. :frowning:


Unfortunately that racism is accepted right now. Any Arabian character you’re likely to see will be evil.


always dig seeing the early sketches. pretty cool to see the progression from their early ideas to the final version.

really happy w/ how over-the-top the SF4 character designs turned out. it really distinguishes itself from recent fighters like VF5, Tekken, and Soul Calibur. the SF4 designs are bolder and have much more character. thanks for the links.


Is there a link to character select portraits?


I miss Sagat’s stage. Too bad it didn’t made it into the game.


Seriously WTF.


Haha, that one’s actually my favourite. Just imagine!!


Didn’t know he could get any uglier. That happy trail is just wrong.


why didn’t this make it in? CAPCOOOOOOOOMMM!!


He is supposed to be ethereal and just pure energy, so I guess the suit is supposed to hold him together lol.


Holy shit, this pic Blew me away!


Is that supposed to be Sean?


it’ll probably be up for sale at some point with alot of those other ones


I think it’s what Rufus was before he got White and Fat


There really should be an option to take Gouken/Akuma’s rope pretzels off. They’re really great alt-costumes other than that, Gouken’s especially.

First you had Shin Akuma. Then you had Evil Ryu. Meet the newest version of an old favorite, SF4 Ken:

LOL worst concept art ever:

"I call him… uh… karate man"

Check out those threads in the lower right hand. If this were Seth’s costume, he’d be a hell of a lot more popular.


these two should have made it as ALT. #10 or something…

honestly for the price of the costume packs($4 each), all the characters should of had Alt 10 costumes like Sakura.


LOL, his hand looks as big as his foot:lol:


I wish the sprites looked more like they do on the background concept art.
If they had the ideas for extras costumes I don’t see why only Sakura has 3.