Art contest entry (sc2 art contest)


Yung Sung in sc2.


Wooo. Nice pose dude. This pic is tight…pants. Just playing with ya like always. Hope you get first or second yo.


LOL! LOllZL! LOLZ! PANTS! LOLZ LOL! I don’t get it… heh heh heh.

Nice pic though reminds me of a graceful wind, stirring up the scent of nature, blades of grass flowing with the wind, and me kicking a cat senseless. Ahhh… viva!

By the way I saw your mom at K-Mart, LOLZ, JUST FUCKING WITH DYA! LOLZ! God damn, I need a life…


Ow! That smudging is hurting my eyes… but nice dynamic pose and drawing. I like the way Yunsung is having fun thrusting his piece into the viewer’s face.


Awesome work. But I have to agree about the smudge…


Good contest.
I had fun w/it.

To post, how you get under 102,000 Bytes? I usually have to keep guessing on shrinking the image (this on’es 500 pixelsx?)

When do we hear the results?:slight_smile:


Great work, man.:cool:


Very well done, especially with the proportion of the arm with the sword. There’s something funny looking about the left leg, but drawing someone in a position like that is very difficult to begin with. xD;;


right click, save pictures as:D