Art Contest!

I haven’t been here in awhile, but I thought I might post this here if any of you are interested.

A couple of days ago, my Yunsung (SCII) website, White Storm, recently achieved 1,000 hits a month and a half from its inauguration. To mark this occasion, I am putting up an art contest.

First Place will be $100.00 Second place will be $50.00. Third Place will be $25.00.

Did that get your attention? I hope so. Here are the rules and guidelines for this art contest.

1.) Only one submission per artist.

2.) Hong Yunsung is the focus. Artwork of any other Soul Calibur character will not be accepted.

3.) All submissions must be original works. Reedits of existing pictures will be disqualified.

4.) Although you will retain ownership of your work, you must agree to post your art on the White Storm website for showcase.

5.) All forms of media are accepted. (Pencil, watercolor, color pencil, CG, etc.)

6.) All submissions must be received in my E-mail inbox by November 14th, 2003 (Three-month Anniversary).

All artwork will be judged by myself and two other judges whose names shall not be mentioned until judging is complete. Winners will be announced one week from the November 14th deadline (November 21st, 2003).

I hold true to my word about the monetary prize. If you would like to participate, please send your artwork to Please include the following information in your E-mail.

Title of Artwork (if you have one)
Full Name
Home Address
E-mail Address
Screen Name (for credit on the website)

Your full name, home and E-mail address will not be shared and will remain private. Your full name is required to award you if you are one of the lucky winners. Payment prize will be through personal check and will be sent through snail mail.

If you have any questions concerning the rules or anything about the contest whatsoever, please dont hesitate to write me at

Happy Drawing and Good Luck!


White Storm Website

yeah thats what im talking about. more contest! i’ll do this one. how about keeping all the personal info until you pic the winners.

sweet! i was wanting to do some sc2 art anyways!

Yunsung eh…

Meh… Not one of my Fav characters of the Series but I guess I could come up with a little som’tin.

Guess I’m gonna have to do this one and sweets contest.


I really would prefer if it wasn’t just yunsung, but I would have probally decided to draw him anyways.

I"ll enter…

Slick Willy

Yunsung isn’t my favorite… hell I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t see him on the character select screen. But I will participate and make an pwnz0rz pic.

Thanks for the info.

Now I guess I should find out what the dude looks like.:stuck_out_tongue:

Check the White Storm Website. You’ll find pictures there.

Just a reminder that there’s just under a month left for the art contest. Deadline is November 14th. Get your submissions in!

White Storm

Two weeks left in the Yunsung Art Contest. Get your submissions in!

White Storm

I totally forgot, I should get started.

ioh shit, still time left!

Unless I’m finishing what I am doing this week maybe I may get a chance to do this, but chances are slim. Good luck to everyone else though.

sean carlos, can I draw yung sung with a different costume?I’d like to expose a lonely swordman image.

<–listening to zamfir-lonely shepherd
toog ood

As long as it can be recognized as Yunsung, I have no problem with it.

Good Luck. Contests deadline is tomorrow. (Friday)

Yikes! Today is Friday, do I have until midnight to get it done? I’m about halfway done.

Entries are being accepted till 11:59pm Central Standard Time (Chicago)

The Art Contest is officially over. Please click on the link below for the winners, as well as all other entries. Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest and congratulations to the winners, your prize money will be sent upon verification of your address.

Haha sweet i got second place. Man there were some serious submissions that I thought would have gotton the place over me. Ah well thanks for choosing me Sean. People went all out. Damn chainwhore i knew you were gonna get something. Grats to the first place winner though. Cool dynamic pose. Woot.