Art Cover for Modded Tekken 5 Stick


So i’m modding my tekken 5 stick with a wireless ps3 pcb and i finally ripped the horrible tekken 5 front cover. i really love this simple stick, but now the board is just a plain metal sheet, i really change the art into something my style.

so my question is, theres a picture or wallpaper on my computer that i wanna print in a 11x17 and place it on my board. Does anyone know how to approach this? like some sorta of paint or glue to enforce the printed art down and withstand my sweaty palms. My idea is like the direction with like the painted job of the body of a electrical/bass guitar. But that could be a wrong direction.

any suggestion is welcome, i have the metal sheet board and i’m just waiting for my blue sanwa buttons and ball. trying to figure out how i will attack the art direction of my board in the time being.



IF you’re just going to slap the artwork on the faceplate by itself, then I would suggest at the very least laminating it.

What will happen is that over time your natural body oils and sweat will destroy the artwork if it’s not covered.

IF you have the artwork printed out on laserpaper and then laminated, it should be fairly well protected. Another option is a plexiglass plate on top of or instead of lamination.

At any rate, you will have to take a blade to the finished art and cut holes so that the stick and buttons go through it easily. To me, that was the hardest part of the whole faceplate mod and cost me the most time and effort.

I suggest using the actual faceplate as a guide for your cuts but cut from underneath the art of course! I recommend getting double-sided tape made for putting pictures in albums. It’s a bit more expensive than regular sided tape (less acidic and doesn’t leave as much gum on the paper after removal), but it shouldn’t ruin the artwork (let alone laminated paper) and will keep the artwork stable as you make your cuts. I’d just leave the tape after you make your cuts since the artwork won’t bulge up as much when you put the buttons on the plate afterwards.

The double-sided photo tape seemed to help with my art registration and cutting on my last T5 mod…


thanks man, i’ll take the laminated lazerpaper into consideration. i have a sf anniversary stick with the pexiglass plate as well, but i’m not a fan of that, plus it’ll make my board way too thick for my snap in sanwa buttons. i don’t have the buttons with the mounting nut.


The only bad thing about cutting laminated art is that you WILL get airbubbles in the lamination around the art where you make cuts.

I didn’t think it was that big a deal (nothing I could do about it at any rate) and didn’t lose sleep over it. The artwork was still protected and that’s what counts.

If you’re going to make a customized faceplate, you have to find or make a blank template of the faceplate so that you know where the button and joystick shaft holes will be in the artwork. Most of the faceplates of the various sticks talked about here have blank templates somewhere in the Tech Talk forum or on other websites.

You don’t have to print out at 300, 600dpi – most of the art online is 72dpi anyways – but try to find art with pixel lengths like 900dpi by 500dpi or greater. 1028dpi by 768dpi or greater is better! Basically, any wallpaper art online suited for a 17" (~1028 X 768 or better) or greater-sized monitor screen should look okay resized and printed for any joystick faceplate on the market.

If you create your own art (scan art like I’ll have to for my next stick mod), then scan in 300dpi. I really don’t think above 300dpi makes much difference, but it will if you have to stretch and blow up art.

My first laminated art cost $4 for both printing and lamination at Staples. My next two were $5.73 total for the same work. Don’t ask me why the first one cost more – I’m still trying to figure that one out since I had all three printed and laminated at the same Staples by two different people! :karate:

(also used a photoshop template of a similar face plate to the T5 to place everthing where I wanted)


i just finish my stick stick :smiley:



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thanks. i’m happy its done.