art drawing


my brother’s, i kinda stopped but i never hesitate to post his stuff :slight_smile:


Nice, very nice! :smiley:

Was this in water color’s? I can’t tell… I’m no good when it comes to art. Just like lookin’ at it, feh… I wish I could draw but I have no talent for it.

Did you get some insperation from somethin’, she kinda reminds me of Alice from Rage of Dragons. But could just be my imagination.


Coloring is good, the thing that confuses me is what is she looking at? Shes just randomly stairing in to blank space, besides that i like it… peace


Good to see you back ponpoi, even if it’s not your work. You and your bro should collaborate on a piece of work tag-team style. That would rock.:smiley:

Oh and great pic btw.


hey twelve :slight_smile: hows it been; i hang out in the general discussion and the southwestern threads still, and come in here every once in a while. But other than that yeah, its been a really long time in this forum, lots of new ppl here…guess that leaves the old guys like us out lol…other than that i’ll try to make a drawing sometime. latz


<~~~ Leftover at Sektorseven.

So who is who then?

Is mint you or your brother at S7?



nice work! not to make fun, but she reminds me of that girl on seinfeld who had “Man Hands” - it’s a bit out of proportion. other than that and her dreamy expression, i like it - and the coloring is great work!


mint is my brother yes :slight_smile: the only nick i use is faceoffact or ponpoi…he seems to use a variety of names lol like mint, valenti and whatnot