ART DUMP! (30 new images on the last page)


My favorite from you yet.

really?!?!? i approached it different, but was really frustrated with it. can i ask what you like?

In that one, all the “off” bits made it more interesting to me. The placement of the mouth is strange, but in a way that makes me look at it more. And I like how the right eye is is so much cleaner/more focused than the rest of the picture. In fact, that one aspect anchors everything the most for me. Sort of like putting a frame around a blurry photograph … it’s makes the less careful aspects seem intentional.

I do think it would look cool if other areas were more … distressed looking. Like if the suit looked more vague and smudgy (or scratchy, or drippy), and if the left side of the face was less defined. But I like it as is, too.

[Walks in]

[sniffs air]

Do you smell that?

[looks at Wombat]

Smells like…POTENTIAL! :tup:

Keep up the keep up yo!

Some of the pictures look like things I’d put up on my wall (and there’s pricey shit on my walls)

i like your hand studies.

love the watercolor and ink stuff. really cool


thoughts? comments? crits?

wizard of OZ (inspired) last page

^ WOW!

I love how even your digital art retains that cool Tradtional Media feel.

Very nice :slight_smile:

The old guy kinda reminds me of Day of the Tentacle by lucasarts. Nice job!

Also reminds me of Wesker the Ventriloquist from Batman.

Wow this looks like a of work, practically photo realistic from a distance, your watercolor looks great as well! (especially the first and last one)

scissor…i see the batman thing. that was not planned but yeah i really see it.
thanks guys:)

I’m really enjoying the artwork in this thread. Keep it up, you’re doing great.

A fantastic idea perfectly executed. Love the mood the colours the tone. Shear brilliance!

Would love a T-shirt of this one :slight_smile: