Art for custom stick..needs criticism


Something I’ve been working on for a custom I’d like to make…

I need honest (maybe not too honest, lol) criticism on what could make it better or what’s holding it back now…
Is it too busy? Too plain? Would you rep it on your stick?

Besides that, I’m wondering what kind of color scheme I should go with for buttons and balltop. Any input is more than welcomed.


What the hell did you do to the bottom corner? Smudge it or motion blur it ,also I dont like that vortex thing where the stick goes probably gonna end up being covered any ways, its was to plain add some cool vectors or something.


should customize it more for that specific char…ex:pinakaguwaping’s Gallery


My wife said the green looked like “golf” or “putting greens.”

I took Fatboi’s advice a little bit, he iiiis British, after all…better or worse?


not sure if its too late but im thinking of the art in widescreen so that dudleys quote is kinda on its own. and u use the original dudley scan u have. then in the background maybe a picture of dudley doing that final hit of rolling thunder in ssf4 on whatever character u hate the most i guess. but i dont know how that would be possible to get as an image


Get rid of the other two Dudleys on either side and it’s fine really.


yea two extra dudleys can go if you can find the pic were dudley is smelling his rose would look good on it fade it…kinda mess around with the location but it looks much better =D


Messing around with starmine’s idea…

And with Fatboi’s…

I have a much better idea where im going with this, don’t think I’m done yet but I appreciate all the input. My original looked like shit. Lol.


I would add a rose in the air(from is taunt from the SF III series).


starmines idea looks really nice


This is what I’m thinking is going to make the final cut. It was a bitch to cut out that UDON Dudley, so I wanted to make it the main art, but something about it just wasnt right…




final one looks pretty good actually. im not that big of a fan on that british flag background but i cant think of anything else that would suit dudley. so as long as u like it i think u should go with ur final one.


Make the center opaque dudley in greyscale and a little less opaque, maybe try playing around with a few blending modes. The one in the corner just take the opacity down by a value of 1 or 2, like 98/99 this helps blending in the background really slightly and looks better overall in my opinion.
The text, well it looks a bit boring to me perhaps remove the lines and add some effects to spice it up a little. The font is also not ideal for this kind of thing I think but that’s just me.