Art for mod/custom sticks

im planning on getting a fight stick 3 and putting all sanwa parts. but im thinking of doing it with a dan theme. anyone know any good sites for concept art?? any help would be awesome!! thanks!!!


Thanks but all I see is templates for the madcatz stick. Any one with info for the ps3 fight stick 3 as art or templates. Thank you in advance

It’s a big thread but I went through it, and they do have art work without the template chopped in.

Ah ok. I will go through all the pages then. Are there any people out there with fs3 templates out there that would like to share?? I’m planning to do a dan Stick or maybe umk3 theme. Also I’ve tried using the search feature and it says I have to wait 8537854 secs before my next search, why is that. Thanks again

Because patience is a virtue.

Why are you shaking your head at him? Why would he click a Madcatz thread for templates when he needs a Hori?

I thought there was a thread going around with requests for stick art?!

If not there should be one, it seems the requests and info are popping up in other threads and it’s beginning to annoy some of the members from what I can see…

There is. It’s just not in Tech Talk.

Ahh problem solved… Thanks man!

Awesome my gf just got me the fs3 last night so i’m really excited. First time I use a Japanese joystick so it does feel weird but starting to get used to it