Art for Tekken Anniversary Stick

I’m in the process of moding my Tekken Anniversary stick to use it with SF4 on PS3. I’ve already done the technical part of fitting a Sixaxis controller inside and everything works perfectly.
The next step is buying the sanwa buttons and stick for it, I’m still looking into where to buy from.
The final step is the custom art. I would like some help, I been browsing the forum and cant find a thread with custom art that can be printed to put it inside. Is there such a thread? Or should I just try to find images online to try and do it myself.

I found one template for a tekken 5 stick, i don’t know if they it is similar to yours but it is worth a try.

However, If you are looking on how to print your custom art then the link below has a good tutorial.

I hope this helps you out.