Art from my site


Here comes the real animation art:D

This is part of a pitch to Fox Animation I’m submitting in a few days… hope they like it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Star of the show.:slight_smile:

This is an inbetween from a Sony commercial from a while back.

nice work… keep it up… i’d personally say work with em in photoshop and take up some tagging

yeah man,love the vamp dude,funny guy.:lol: :cool:


I wish I could scan at smaller sizes to get the good stuff up…

I’m re-scanning art at lower res and smaller size so it can be posted.

And I’m going to my animation table in three minutes…

Must resist the call of SVC in the arcade down the street…:smiley:

Some more characters…

Extra Terrific Donuts on the right side of Crenshaw going south from Wilshire. It’s not really terrific, but the name sticks w/you.


I should’ve saved these drawings at smaller size from the start.

Now I know for the future…

hey that’s pretty cool. that alien rooster is funny, haha.


Last one… must resist more posts…:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know when to say when. Let’s end this w/a kick to the chin.:evil:

Hey. More stuff. 102,000 bytes is tough to get around. Oh well.:frowning:

Let me know what you want to see (SF characters, etc.)

I’ve drawn a lot of stuff…

Here’s a multilingual eel who fancies himself a perfectly normal “person”. :cool:

Here’s my claim to published art fame (other than Wild Brain Comixs- I should post it…)

I used the SF3:NG art book win pose. No one else seemed to enter SF3 art, so…

Since I had a B.A. in Art, I was hoping I’d beat out the glut of Pokemans, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oro- coming home from work.:smiley:

some cool pics man,did you draw them?

Yeah. I’m an old-timer for SRK (30). I just can’t walk away from good video games (3rdStrike, GGx2, etc.)

I work in animation when I can find it (hard these days).
That was a drawing for a background design class.:smiley: