Art Hobbies, Plexi pannel Replacement reinforcement


Hey guys,

Ive recently purchased a full plexi panel replacement for my te stick, which is designed to replace the metal pannel underneath.

Whilst it looks great, im finding the plexi a little soft compared to the old metal pannel and its causing me problems adjusting when i play third strike (lots of quick dashes).

Any ideas how to reinforce the joystick, i need it to be relatively inconspicous as I have leds underneath to highlight the etching.

Is there anything i can do? or is it just a case of getting used to it?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Welcome to the world of having a Plexy for a top panel.

while plexy gives your stick the appearance you wanted, truth is plexy is going to have more flex room that the default steal panel.
Do you use a Plexy or metal mount plate for your Joystick under the panel, and how is the joystick screwed in?


Originally I had a plexi mount, but this just added to the problem, so i switched to the metal mount. The metal mount has helped abit.

Ive attempted to the use the original te metal plate, and cut holes too show the leds, unfortunatly due to my poor cutting skills, the results were poor. Furthermore, the metal plate, then plexiglass resulted in a very short joystick which was difficult to use.

One thing that has helped was placing some electrical tape rolled up and placed across the edge of the home button, i then forced the plexi on pushing it against the home button and tape. This meant the left side of the stick is secured very very throughly and has made things a lot better.

I had contemplated metal poles for support which couldnt be seen under the etch, but that require could make things difficult when i need to change buttons, stick etc.

Oh well, i guess im going to have to adjust to it. Im sure in time it will feel natural enough.


hey dark, just a thought but would a tighter spring compensate for the flex of the plexi? Perhaps a ls55 spring over stock jlf?


Emailed Art about a certain request but not sure if he got it but wondering if he can make some mounting holes for a Mad Catz TE bottom panel plexiglas. I have a Tek case and I’m guessing the bottom planel is just two 1/16 inch plexis together